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Why The Lang School Is The First Name In K–12 Twice Exceptional Education

The Lang School is known for being one of the top twice exceptional schools nyc. The Lang School’s mission is to help its twice exceptional and gifted students to be better prepared for college and life in general. The Lang School’s academics range from grade K to the 12th grade. Depending on the grade your student falls into, The Lang School divides its school into two parts. These two parts are known as the lower school and the upper school. The lower school ranges from the grade K to 5th grade. The lower school’s academics tailors to each gifted student’s needs. The academics offered in the lower school is a differentiated curriculum. These academic practices allow our gifted and twice exceptional students to start developing self regulated learning skills and self awareness. The upper school ranges from the grades 6th to 12th. The academics offered in the upper school are more oriented towards helping the students in life and to be ready for college. In this phase, twice exceptional and gifted students can focus on their needs and the passions they wish to pursue. The teachers in the upper school motivate the students each day to continue to develop their individual talents. The upper school’s teachers also offer 1 on 1 support for certain content and offer academic acceleration if needed. 

As one of the best 2e schools nyc, The Lang School understands that twice exceptional and gifted students possess unique social, emotional, and intellectual needs. Which is why unlike other schools, our gifted and special education teachers teach flexible academics. This ensures that every student receives an education that best fits them. We want our twice exceptional and gifted students to thrive. These types of academics are only offered at a twice exceptional school nyc such as The Lang School. To learn more about one of the best 2e school nyc, visit The Lang School’s website for more information. On their website, interested parents can learn more about the academics and admissions that The Lang School offers. If you are a parent looking to enroll your twice exceptional and or gifted student into a school, look no further. The Lang School is recognized as one of the best 2e schools for a reason. As mentioned before, visit their website for more information about what they have to offer you and your student.

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