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We are a school marketing agency focused on helping institutions reach the right students. For over 20 years, we have been deploying a variety of online digital marketing strategies to increase enrollment numbers for educational institutions of all kinds. Google Ads is the number one online advertising platform in the world, and our staff at eduMEDIA are experts in curating content and implementing hyper-targeted keyword campaigns for schools. Our school marketing experts are certified by Google, and adept at conceptualizing high-performance ads — from keywords selection and bid placements, to development and deployment of top-performing landing pages, our team of Google Ad specialists are ready to work side-by-side with your school to create the most effective ad. Get more prospective students or parents on the phone, drive traffic to your site, and watch your school grow as we unleash all our advertising tools and services to exceed your expectations.

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Pay-Per-Click For Schools

Pay-Per-Click is a great tool that many school districts utilize to generate more traffic and clicks to their website. By placing an ad online to target niche audiences, PPC is a proven technique that really works! When you partner with our team, we will work with your budget and find the best possible strategy to position your PPC ads, resulting in optimized clicks, increased website traffic, and higher enrollment numbers for your institution.

Retargeting & Display Advertising

Remember the new Simon Sinek book you were swooning over last night, just mere seconds away from purchasing it? How is it that the exact same book just popped up on your screen this morning the moment you started thinking about it? It seems virtually impossible to turn away from, and you decide that now is the perfect time to indulge in your dream of reading it. Now that is what we call the art of retargeting; eduMEDIA has developed a tested and proven method to target audiences already familiar with who you are, making it an extremely effective form of advertising. Not only is retargeting a great way to stay connected with students who are interested in specific resources your school has to offer, but it's an incredibly cost effective solution as well, which makes it a great investment all around.

Email Marketing

Email marketing differs slightly from newsletters because it usually requires more strategy, and includes a prompt to do something with the content in the email. Whether that's to discover a new resource, announce a new staff member, give school updates, or any other news-worthy announcement related to your campus, email marketing enhances your relationship with your students, builds trust, provides value, and increases loyalty. Our Email Marketing team has been carefully selected to ensure a smooth process. We work closely together with your school to deliver top-level messaging and evoke action from your database of interested students.

Google Ads With eduMEDIA

We can't emphasize enough the undeniable importance of Google Ads. Formerly known as "Google Adwords," this online advertising medium takes the title for the number one performing platform in the world. Learning to navigate the windy roads of Google Advertising is no easy joy ride. It requires an entire team of trusted analysts to master, and eduMEDIA has done just that. We continually work to improve and optimize campaigns through A/B split tests and targeted keyword bidding, ensuring high conversion rates for prospective students.


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