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When it comes to higher education marketing, eduMEDIA is one of the premier companies when it comes to maximizing expoure for your school. As an experienced school marketing agency, we have helped colleges and large institutions increase their enrollment numbers and find the prospective students they are targeting. We have worked with some of the largest institutions in the country and continue to deploy online digital marketing strategies that best fit your school. With over 20 years of experience in education marketing, we have learned what type of advertisements and platforms work best to drive traffic to your school’s website. When it comes to showcasing your school, you need someone on your side with the experience and professionalism that is able to deliver results. eduMEDIA has been able to provide schools with results that other marketing agencies haven’t been able to. We provide each school with a unique strategy and marketing plan to best create the most effective ad. Through targeted keyword selection, unique content, and high-performance ads, eduMEDIA has been able to maximize the amount of exposure for schools all across the U.S. There is no excuse as to why your school’s enrollment numbers should be low, watch your school grow with the help of eduMEDIA.

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Pay-Per-Click For Schools

One of the many digital marketing tools that can help get your school noticed is Pay-Per-Click. Pay-Per-Click is a great form of advertisement when trying to generate more traffic and clicks to your school’s website. Through advertising using Pay-Per-Click, when an individual is searching keywords that are related to what your school is offering, your advertisement will appear at the top of the results page. If the individual ends up clicking on your site, you pay a small fee. However, this is a smart method of advertising as paying for a visitor to your website could be worth more than the small fee of getting a click. When it comes to creating advertisements to be used for Pay-Per-Click, it is important that the keywords you use are the best ones for your school. This is crucial as the keywords chosen can either help optimize your school’s conversion rates or bring them down. By selecting specific keywords to help trigger your ad to show up on the page, it can help attract relevant users that are looking for something that your school offers. Our team at eduMEDIA are experts when it comes to choosing relevant keywords to help get you prospective students. We work with your school’s budget and make sure we create the best possible strategy to achieve the best results.

Retargeting & Display Advertising

Retargeting ads are an excellent digital marketing tool that can also be used as a brand recognition tactic. If you’re wondering how, let us explain. Have you ever visited a website and after you left their site you started seeing that company’s advertisements everywhere? These ads you see after having visited that company’s website are called retargeting ads. The purpose of having these retargeting ads is to keep your school’s name in mind. Seeing these retargeting ads will allow users to remember your school and when they are ready to take the next step, possibly get enrolled. Constantly seeing your school’s ads will develop brand recognition. In having these retargeting ads, targeting individuals who are already familiar with your school can urge them to reconsider and take the next step in enrolling into your school. Our marketing experts consider this to be one of the most effective forms of advertising as you are specifically targeting users who have already shown interest in your school.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great tool when it comes to creating and building a relationship with your students and parents. Email marketing can be used to reach out to students and teachers and inform them of school updates, courses, campus events, essentially anything your school wants to announce can be sent out. By keeping parents and students in the loop of your school updates, can generate trust between them and the school. Having that level of trust for your school, can possibly lead to these parents and students recommending your school to others. Developing a level of trust can help increase your school’s enrollment numbers by bringing in potential prospective students. Through email marketing, you can send out emails regarding whatever your school wishes to promote. With eduMEDIA, your school does not have to worry about creating the emails alone. The email marketing team at eduMEDIA is able to work closely together with your school to make sure the email design and content is exactly how you wanted. Many emails that are sent out fail to get opened or immediately get sent to the junk or trash folder. Our email marketing team only works to create the most effective emails in order to ensure that the emails you send out get opened and read.

Google Ads With eduMEDIA

Google Ads is one of the top platforms when it comes to advertising. As you already know, Google is the most used search engine in the world. When it comes to gaining more exposure for your school and increasing its enrollment numbers, Google Ads can deliver the best results. Similar to Pay-Per-Click, Google Ads places your ads on search result pages based on the relevancy the keywords have to what the user is searching for. Also using the same tactic as Pay-Per-Click, you only pay for the Google Ads when an interested individual clicks on your ad to go to your school’s site. Our team at eduMEDIA, make sure to set a budget cap so you don’t have to worry about spending more on advertisements than you would have liked. Through Google Ads along with other advertising platforms, our team of analysts make sure your advertising campaigns are delivering the best results possible. At eduMEDIA we ensure your school is receiving the most relevant website clicks resulting in high conversion rates of prospective students. Start getting your school noticed with the help of eduMEDIA!


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Higher Education Marketing

The team at eduMEDIA is a well-dedicated team, which was formed to help bring digitization to the educational sector. Our team has the necessary skills and requirement needed to take your school to the top. For years, clients have relied on our excellent strategies which have helped boost their school's recognition, and given them standardized leverage to reach for the stars. When its comes to the teamwork and effort we apply in our strategies, our job as an experienced school marketing agency has helped colleges and institutions of higher learning achieve increased enrollment and the chance of application from their prospective students.

For most brands who recognize the need to have an understanding in a particular field, our 20 years experience is a fact of our capability and increased growth over the years. Our team, who are well trained and skilled due to their participation in most certifications and training, have the required marketing strategies coupled with a vast understanding of how the online biodiversity works. The ability to strategically place advertisements and build up traffic to your school's website is one of our strong points as their arsenal of online penetration tools is readily available. We all know that no matter how skilled a team or individual is, the absence of the required professionalism is all it takes to bring their hard work to ruin.

But one thing we at eduMEDIA offer is a seamless experience for all our clients at a very comfortable pace of their choosing. Added with unique and well-placed strategies for each school we manage, you can rest assured of optimal servicing of our school's need. A notable strategy we use is to provide well-researched contents, great ads which pull in traffic and SEO materials that make your school's online presence at the apex of search ratings. Our presence in the United States is widely recognized, and the proof of our involvement in growing lots of schools is an achievement we are proud of at eduMEDIA.

Pay-Per-Click For Schools

For most who don't understand how the structure of the Pay-Per-Click strategy works for schools, it is safe to say that this a well-researched strategy which is proven to be a great reward to your school's overall online presence. The idea of this strategy is to systematically place your school in a visible spot for those who access the internet. The attention this strategy places on your school is profound as results are usually within a short period. The advertisement strategy relies on the use of well-placed keywords which can be easily picked up by online users who input similar keywords and are then redirected to the information of your school.

This method has been used for years by institutions, corporate bodies, entertainment enterprises who intend to drive traffic to their product or services. Where the pay in the services comes is when the visitor checks out your school site, therefore requiring you to pay a small fee. The idea is to attract more visitors to your services, and this tool is well designed to carry out that task. However, without the required experience of an organization like ours, it can be difficult to achieve this feat, due to the need of strategically placing keywords which best put your school in top search engine result pages. Our team which have the expertise and the ample experience needed for excellent SEO placements would provide keywords which would allow your school to get better visibility on the internet. Our rates are usually a surprise to our clients, as we offer rates which would fit well into your school's budget with an assurance of great results.

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Retargeting and Display Advertising

A strategy mostly used to create a lasting impression on the minds of your school website visitors is the retargeting ads strategy. This strategy uses the paper-trail of your visitors and feeds them with advertisement from your school website. This tool is commonly used in the digital marketing world, as it's well poised to get your targets attention unknowingly.

This ads pop up on their feed any time they access the internet, and reminds them of the need to use your services in the case of decision making. At EduMedia, we help our clients carry out this ad placement strategy, thereby improving your brand identity and giving your school a better online presence. This strategy is sure to influence the decision of your prospective clients without forcefully intruding their regular activities.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tool that is as old as the internet itself when it comes to digital marketing strategies. The idea of this strategy is to build a lasting bond between you and your clients, by corresponding with them through regular email bulletins. The possibilities of Email marketing is vast in its application and is a boost for your school in its mode of communication. A lot of people feel a mail holds high importance and pay more attention to it than a regular bulletin poster. This is why your school should let us build that database that allows you to pass across information right to the devices of your students and parents. Our team at EduMedia handles the distribution of this mails, so your school doesn't have to bother with this logistics, as we can assure you that the mails are properly distributed and read by the recipients.