Interior Designers Institute is a boutique college that specializes in interior design and architecture. The College's specialized curriculum coffers each student a personalized education with student-focused faculty who love teaching. In 1990, the Institute moved to larger facilities in Newport Beach to adapt to the growth, which offered additional classrooms and expanded student areas.

IDI's missions is to be an exclusive producer of interior design graduates, who become some of the most well-known and successful designers in the country. As a small, progressive college, the Institute has been able to adapt to design changes and trends and has recognized the importance of active participation and involvement. Ultimately, IDI wants to provide highly educational and progressive classes and placement services. The standard of excellence is the Institute's commitment to its current and future students as well as to the design community.

eduMEDIA comes into play by implementing the latest web-design trends and strategies in order to fulfill the institution's goal: to be a producer of successful interior design graduates. eduMEDIA's goal was to implement a modern and responsive website that improves the user-interface and increases student engagement as well as overall enrollment numbers for the school. eduMEDIA has also added micro-interactions, which are tiny animations used to communicate with users and help them perform tasks. They improve the user experience (UX) by providing users with active engagements with the site while also making the user feel valued and heard.

After IDI's new website went live, eduMEDIA noticed that the website engagement and enrollment numbers were notably higher, which was tracked through clicks, page visits, new visitors, and time per session during each visit. The aftermath continues to be tracked, and eduMEDIA hopes that enrollment numbers will be higher in the 2019 academic year than any year since the school's conception in 1990.



This case study is concentrated on the Fullerton College Photography Facebook and Instagram page. eduMEDIA carefully analyzed the performance of every social network by breaking down the posts into the following categories: organic reach, best performance, impressions, follower growth, engagement, ad speed, and SEO. Organic reach is the number of people who have seen your post through unpaid distribution.

The digital marketing goal for the Fullerton College Photography Department is an increase in student-institution engagement, increase in followers and likes per photo/post, and an increase in overall enrollment numbers for the photography department as a whole.

Overall, there was a positive increase in monthly organic reach, total page followers, web impressions, website engagements, and likes per post. This may seem easy like an easy feat, but it is getting harder and harder for schools to create long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with its students.

In the year of 2018, Fullerton College Photography Department gained hundreds of new Instagram followers and went from an average reach of 90 people to over 1000 people per post. Fullerton Photography Department had a surge in traffic with over 1,210 people reached organically, meaning that none of the traffic was paid for.



"We chose eduMEDIA because of their profound experience in working within the educational industry. When we approached them they worked with us to discover what our current website was missing and executed a plan that ultimately exceeded our expectations."

Judy Deaton
Owner of Interior Designers Institute

"I have found that eduMEDIA really understands the academic and educational environment compared to the other companies that I spoke to. They basically gave me answers to questions that I didn't even know I should be asking, and that's what impressed me the most about the company."

Melody La Montia
Head of Fullerton College Photography Department



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