What makes great website design even more critical for schools is that they are under more pressure to create compelling websites, as they are in a much more competitive environment. Next to cranking out stellar graduates, enrollment marketing is a top priority for private and independent schools faced with the economic pressures that won't be relieved by that next tax levy or DOE grant.

Many of today's savvy school websites are taking a queue from the commercial websites that feature a grid approach and card layout (think Pinterest), that relies on scrolling to create a descending order of priority that schools want to use for their messaging. High-quality feature images and videos score high points.


Interior Designers Institute is a boutique college that specializes in interior design and architecture. The College's specialized curriculum coffers each student a personalized education with student-focused faculty who love teaching. In 1990, the Institute moved to larger facilities in Newport Beach to adapt to the growth, which offered additional classrooms and expanded student areas.

Improving the user experience (UX) by providing users with active engagements with the site while also making the user feel valued and heard was veryimportant to IDI. Because IDI is a design institution, it is very important for it's website to be aesthetically pleasing, which is why the use of vivid and bright colors is strongly utilized.

After IDI's new website went live, they noticed that the website engagement was notably higher, which was tracked through clicks, page visits, new visitors, and time per session during each visit. VISIT WEBSITE

The Fullerton College Art Department offers a wide variety of courses for students striving to become versatile artists, opening more doors for professional opportunity. The Art Department's busy exhibition season features the work of professional artists from all over the world as well as work by our faculty and students.

The first thing a user will notice on the Fullerton College Arts page is the amount of movement there is. The background behind the "Enroll Now" button is technically a video, which counts as a larger microinteraction. GIFS and videos have been known to better communicate ideas, concepts, and processes while making content more engaging for users.

Another feature added was the dropdown menu that comes when your mouse hovers over the "programs" tabs. This is important because most users that visit Fullerton's page are either prospective students, students, or the parents of prospective/students. VISIT WEBSITE

The Fullerton Photography Department offers both an Associate Arts Degree in Photography and a Professional Photography Certificate. The Photography Program prepares students for employment into a multitude of industries that utilize photography and/or transfer to a four- year degree university.

If you visit the Fullerton Department of Photography website, you will notice that there is a "galleries" tab that drops down into the following: courses, alumni, student spotlight, and videos. On the courses tab, you will find many pictures from actual students, coming from different classes. Each category highlights a specific class, and classes range from digital media all the way to wedding and underwater photography.

Another dropdown option is called "student spotlight," which leads to accessible photos and photo collections from students at Fullerton College. The student spotlight tab acts as a gallery of the finest work that comes from students. VISIT WEBSITE


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