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It's no secret that blogging helps increase your website's organic rank. But how exactly does it work? Read on…


By carefully choosing SEO-targeted keywords, eduMEDIA has mastered a blogging formula that would make any geometry teacher giddy. It's complex just like math, yet we've found the solution.


Whenever your website uploads fresh, unique content, it's like telling Google, "Hey, I'm cool — and here's why." Google then examines your claim. After reading over your carefully crafted brilliance (of course written by our creative writers at eduMEDIA) Google affirms that indeed, you have what it takes to rise to superstar status on the web. Instantly you are promoted to the popular group, and your website rank is boosted. You're welcome.


Just like in school, students gain wisdom from their respective teacher or professor. And so it is with blogging. A blog would not perform to the best of its ability without linking to other areas on your website. Linking strategic keywords within the blog to other pages on your school's website ensures a better formatted, higher functioning & performing blog. And we know exactly how to articulate this precise technique.


Our writers curate top-quality content because we've been working with the education department for nearly a decade. We have mastered how to create a voice that resonates with the reader, yet maintains consistency within your specific niche.

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Staying top of mind to your students or potential students is key to the success of your school. But there's a wrong and a right way to send newsletters, and we want to ensure the latter. Whether you've just started to build a database of students, or you have thousands of people to communicate with, our experts are thrilled to create campaigns for you that will effectively convey your message with our tested techniques. From A/B Split testing, to our content writers and headline curators, we've got you completely covered when it comes to an effective newsletter strategy.


Our team of technical writers are trained in creating impressive press releases. Whether you're launching a redesigned website, announcing a new faculty member, or updating your website about what to expect on campus next year — alert your audience with a press release to make sure you're heard.


eduMEDIA is strategically aligned with Nufolk, a full-service commercial production company, to produce high-quality, strategy based videos for your school. The videos are designed to work hand in hand with our services to optimize your brand's online presence, engage an audience, and seamlessly integrate into your website.

Count on us to lead your school towards the future of growth