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eduMEDIA is an education marketing agency unlike any other. As one of the top education marketing companies, our education marketing services have helped small schools to large institutions to help increase their enrollment numbers by targeting students that best fit their target market. At eduMEDIA, we understand that every school is different and they each bring something new and unique to the table. The same goes with education marketing. When it comes to marketing your school, it is important that the advertising platforms being used are the best ones for your school. Not all advertising platforms work for all schools, which is why at eduMEDIA we specifically create a customized education marketing plan that works best for your school. Our school marketing experts have been helping schools from all around the U.S. to increase their enrollment numbers. Our Google Ad specialists are certified by Google and are ready to work alongside your school to make sure the ads we create are of the highest performance. With over 20 years of experience, we have mastered creating the most effective ads for schools. Through our custom marketing plan we can create for your school, we can bring more prospective students and parents to your school, increase the traffic to your website, and increase your school’s enrollment numbers. Don’t let your school fall behind, get your school noticed with the help of eduMEDIA!

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Pay-Per-Click For Schools

One of the tools we have noticed over the years that works best for schools is the Pay-Per-Click tool. The Pay-Per-Click tool is one of the best tools for schools to use when the goal is to specifically generate more website traffic and optimize the number of clicks to your school’s website. Using the Pay-Per-Click tool as a form of advertising focuses on getting clicks from a niche audience. Let us explain. When creating a Pay-Per-Click ad, it is important to use specific keywords that best relate to your school and what it has to offer potential prospective students. Our school marketing experts at eduMEDIA can help your school choose the best keywords to use to create the Pay-Per-Click ads to get you the best results possible. When an individual searches for these keywords, your school’s ad will pop up on the results page. If an individual is interested in your school and clicks on your school’s ad, you pay a small fee. Thus the name, Pay-Per-Click. However, using Pay-Per-Click provides your website with the most relevant traffic to your website. Rather than just having random people click on your ads, we make sure that the individuals we target to click on your ad are genuinely interested in learning more about your school and would want to possibly enroll.

Retargeting & Display Advertising

Have you ever visited a company website and then when you exit out of it to look at something else, you start seeing ads for that company’s website everywhere? That is the magic of retargeting ads. Retargeting ads appear to people that have shown interest in your school’s website. These retargeting ads can show up in any other websites such as Google or other company websites. Having these retargeting ads appear to individuals who have shown interest in your school can help them remember your school when they are deciding what school they should enroll into. Another benefit that retargeting ads have for schools is that it builds brand recognition. Seeing your school’s name, picture, or logo through the ads allows for individuals to be able to recognize your school and remember it. Your school will remain in their mind and they’ll come back to your website again to learn more and possibly even enroll! Retargeting ads are considered to be one of the most cost effective ads. They target a niche audience, specifically people who have already shown interest in your school. By creating successful retargeting ads, we can increase the conversion rate of your website visitors and increase your school’s enrollment numbers.

Email Marketing

Sending out emails is important in keeping everyone in the loop. Email marketing is an essential tool that is used to keep your students, prospective students, teachers and everyone involved with your school. Through the use of emails, you can easily keep everyone updated with your school and therefore building a relationship and connection with everyone. If your students and teachers feel connected and involved with your school, they are more likely to recommend your school. These recommendations can lead to interested future students to enroll into your school. When it comes to email marketing, it is important for the content and design of your email to reflect your school in the best way. The wording and appearance of your email is crucial when it comes to having people actually read your email or ignore it. With the help of our email marketing team at eduMEDIA, you don’t have to worry about your email getting trashed or ignored. Our email marketing team works together with your school to design and content to create a top level email that will interest parents, teachers, and students.

Google Ads With eduMEDIA

As you already know, Google is the most used and largest search engine in the world. Through Google, you can search for anything and have thousands of results with the ease of a click. At eduMEDIA, we use Google Ads to help get the most exposure to your school and bring in interested individuals to your website. Using Google Ads is similar to using the Pay-Per-Click tool we had mentioned earlier. Through Google Ads, you have to strategize and choose specific keywords you wish to target individuals with. When individuals use Google and search the keywords you have decided to target, your ad will appear to them. Our Google analysts at eduMEDIA can help work alongside your school to choose the best keywords that will provide the most optimized results and ensure higher conversion rates of students for your school. Start increasing your school’s enrollment numbers by bringing in more traffic to your school’s website. Make your school known with eduMEDIA!


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Why Work With Us

Brand awareness is one of the foremost benefits of having our professional touch on your school’s website. This is because as experts in the technology environment and a grasp of digital marketing, we are skilled in integrating the most effective marketing offerings in the promotion of your school’s website. We have the expertise needed in boosting online visibility and encouraging brand awareness via student enrollment. One of the numerous benefits of working with us is that we are very conversant with the challenges of both the students searching for trusted schools as well as the frustrations of poor school websites. We are also aware of the gains of having a working and visible website and how to get them consistently visible and accessible to prospective students.

With a team of reputable web management professionals, we will not only serve you a beautiful and attractive website but a website that will generate the very purpose of it. As a marketing expert, our specialized professionals are here with the most profitable marketing solutions to help convert every web visitation to gains for your school while ensuring that your target audience never misses your Advert. If your school is new, you will appreciate lots of assistance in getting it the publicity and the enrollment it craves; that is why we remain your No.1 intermediary for all marketing needs. We have the best hands and expertise to guide you with useful ideas and lend help to grow your school to confidence in the eyes of prospective students.

If you are looking for a dependable website manager to report every web crisis, we are always with you all through the journey. Our services do not end after the successful creation of the web services; we stay in contact, supplying you with all the tips you need. We also remain in touch to ensure your website stays up to date with the developing trends.

We are also passionate about ensuring schools and their various targets and public interact from anywhere without hindrances. A website that the students, prospective students, and staff can use with ease is one of the benefits of working with us.

We are enthusiastic about building a website where parents can also interact with the school’s relevant authorities and also keep tabs with children’s academic progress, grades, activities, and other vital information. With our skilled technology experts, all these and more possibilities for a school’s websites are achievable.

With the current world situation, all schools have collectively embraced virtual education across the world and this works great with a good website. Having a workable website that allows students and teachers to access and interact and remain in the learning loop is one of the best gifts we serve our vast clientele.

With our dynamic website, your schools can seamlessly infuse learning tools like tables, graphics, pictures, and other visual presentations effortlessly. These and more are the numerous basics that make a great and workable website, and prospective students and parents lookout for these provisions before enrolling.

We are also appreciative of the importance of feedback in the bettering of any organization and a school is one of the places that demand feedback from every website visitor, students, parents, and staff. The websites we create are diligently built with the best feedback tools for interaction and follow-up; bearing in mind that this feedback will lead the prospectives to enrollment eventually.

Who We Are

With our team of 15 unrelenting tech professionals who consistently update their knowledge with the ever-evolving IT world, our preoccupation is in giving you a website that competes bravely with other school websites. With more than three decades of serving the school’s environment, we have grown from being a web management consultancy to a family member of our vast clientele because our objective and goal is to have the desire of schools met.

Over the years we have carefully understudied the school’s system as well as gotten acquainted with the bother of students seeking future academic development. This advantage has helped us in providing quality web services consistently and has helped our clientele in achieving more enrollment than they would have naturally. This also makes us the foremost and reputable solutions for schools, trusted and used over the years by our clients.

Our Mission

In closing the gap between contemporary technology and the conventional education system, our tools and strategies are designed to integrate seamlessly while ensuring your school’s website stays within the reach of seeking students. Our goal is to make every school website manageable by the school’s admin by this, our websites are built with the best quality and flexible tools that will enable schools, utilize their websites effectively. With the relationship created, our experts are always handy to immediately treat any challenge our clients may experience in managing their websites.

We are simply excited and optimistic that schools will remain vital, dynamic, and trusted in the provision of academic benefits from the first impression they create in the minds of every website visitor.

How We Can Build Your Online Presence

We pride ourselves with a team of experts that have judiciously distinguished themselves in their different disciplines and expertise; constantly enriching and broadening their knowledge and experience. This and more are the visible advantages that have earned us the confidence and reputation of enabling our client’s schools to stand out. By staying ahead of the trends in the tech world, our IT specialists are among the best hands that will ensure your school never gets concealed in the cluttered online environment.

Getting more students enrolled in your school is the burden and desire of every school and students around the world are similarly in search of good and affordable schools that will help bud their future goals. This is the very drive that we work with since we are familiar with the need of our target audience, we have the tools and the experience to set your school before the face of every searching student or parent.

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