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School Web Design and Development with eduMEDIA

At eduMEDIA, we specialize in web design and development for public school districts, private schools, universities, and trade schools across the U.S. We are experts in creating eye-catching, interactive and user-friendly website designs formatted beautifully for both desktop and mobile devices. It's important when a prospective student lands on your site to be intrigued not only by the look and feel, but by the content and design as a whole. Some design firms only specialize in the design, or specifically the content writing — but we've stacked our team of experts to meet your school's marketing needs by covering all the bases.

Getting started is simple; eduMEDIA schedules a meeting with the decision makers at your institution to provide an initial consultation. During the consultation, we'll ask questions, discover who you are and what makes your school unique, pinpoint your target audience, learn more about current challenges, and collaborate together to develop a plan ensuring your school's success. After curating your overall mission, vision, and learning your goals, our team of UI/UX designers, graphic design artists, content writers, and brand strategists meet together to create a customized interface tailored to your school. All our designs are always mobile-ready and SEO-friendly. We love integrating modern, scalable web technologies into the design to ensure that your website has the capacity grow as your school grows.

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Development with eduMEDIA

Web designs at eduMEDIA are formatted with responsive themes, ensuring the look and feel remains cohesive no matter what device the visitor is using — whether it's an iPad, smart phone or expansive monitor. In addition to responsive web design, our custom-built content management systems allow schools to track and manage their student retention rates, website interactions, and most importantly, the number of newly enrolled students. Our CMS configuration provides oversight of the programming process, ensuring quality and accuracy throughout the entire scope of the website design and development project.

Responsive Design with eduMEDIA

Websites built with eduMEDIA are created with responsive design. You may be wondering, what exactly is responsive design and why is it important? Simply stated, responsive design is the ability for a website's design and content to format automatically and adjust to any device — whether that's a computer, mobile device or tablet. Creating a cohesive design is imperative in our modern world to ensure that important content and the overall design is never compromised for viewers.

Quality Assurance with eduMEDIA

Expanding Your School's Digital Footprint is not only our trademark, but a statement that informs how we approach every service at eduMEDIA. Through each stage of website development, our team promises to test and measure functionality of the site, formatting, and content. Not only do we deliver stunning websites in a timely manner, we pride ourselves on accuracy and ultimate customer satisfaction.


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