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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) changes fast, and staying on the cutting-edge trends of SEO isn't easy for schools. Fortunately, eduMEDIA is here to help. We use a series of specialized strategies to increase traffic for your website, grow exposure for your institution, and convert prospective students into returning fans of your school. We've helped many schools jump from page five or six on Google, to the first page through our effective tactics. We utilize keyword research, blog backlinks, unique and engaging content writing, and other SEO strategies to position your school's website online so it will receive high-ranking placement via search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It's not a simple, quick fix — but it is undeniably effective when done right.

Many clients come to us out of desperation and frustration because other marketing firms failed to deliver after making lofty promises. At eduMEDIA, we avoid costly mistakes by taking the time to get to know our clients from the start, and forming a customized plan of action. As part of our standard SEO service, we always conduct an initial SEO Audit of Your Website . Our experts analyze key metrics such as: page content, word count, alt text, referral sources, current click-through-rate, keyword performance, and more, to determine where your school currently stands and how we can maximize resources to optimize your website even more.

It's true — SEO plays a crucial role for schools today, and many educational facilities rely solely on search engine leads. If you need an SEO expert for your school's website, eduMEDIA is here to help. Contact us to learn about how our SEO services can help your school's website rise to the top of the search engines!

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Many of our clients have a goal of reaching the front page of search results with specific keywords. We get it. That's what we're here to help you achieve. In addition, it's important to then persuade readers to click-through and visit your website. This aspect has always been an important part of SEO for schools, but now more than ever it's critical to master — and fortunately for our team of experts, they have years of experience delivering results.

Search Engine Optimization plays a very crucial role for schools today as most prospective students or parents will solely be able to find the institution through a search engine. Let us help you show up as a top result when people search keywords related to your institution!


This allows us to see what errors might be hurting your site's performance in the search engines, and what issues might be creating a poor experience for your users. Once we have completed your SEO audit, we are able to come up with an SEO strategy to help improve your user experience and increase your rankings in the search engines.

We typically will send the comprehensive SEO audit of your site within 48 hours. Thank you!

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