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For nearly a decade, eduMEDIA has been a go-to source for schools facing challenges in: website design , marketing, communication, and the ability to effectively share unique aspects of their school with their users. Our team of experts have been trained specifically to improve school communication, create user friendly solutions, interactive websites, and improve overall identity, which ultimately unites the community of students, teachers, and educational departments as a whole. When we bring synergy to your school, we know we've done our job right. For ultimate convenience, eduMEDIA provides extensive web design and marketing services to schools across the United States.


eduMEDIA, our team is composed of 15 tech-savvy, very talented individuals who have been hand-selected for their skills as designers, developers, project managers, and customer support specialists.

With a combined experience 35 years working specifically for the education system, our staff is not only qualified but passionate about helping our customers achieve goals and reach new milestones. Clients can expect unwavering support from our staff, quick turnaround times, and constant communication throughout the scope of the project.

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Our outside-the-box mentality is anything but textbook. We pride ourselves on creating solutions that make it easier for schools to communicate online by bridging the gap between modern technology and long-standing education. Whether you're ready to completely overhaul your website or simply revamp your communication system, allow our pros to redefineyour school's online presence.

In addition, we want to empower school administration to manage their own site for years to come, so we've implemented training and tools to succeed. By utilizing our dynamic marketing services and specially designed Content Management System, admins have the ability to optimize and manage their website with ease long after we've propelled it into service to keep momentum going.



Justin Rath

Graduate of: University of Texas at Dallas

David Kanady

Graduate of: University of Oregon

Diana Zamora

Graduate of: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

David Jung

Graduate of: University of California, Irvine

Amber Negrete

Graduate of: California State University, Long Beach

Alyssa Chavaz

Graduate of: California State University, Fullerton

Greg Solorio

Graduate of: San José State University

Amber Sheesley

Graduate of: Art Institute of California, Orange County

Tyler Martina

Graduate of: California State University, Fresno

Brittney Davis

Graduate of: San Francisco State University

Tiffany Yang

Graduate of: Chapman University

Dennis Onalaja

Graduate of: University of Texas at Austin

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