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Looking To Try A New Type Of Protein?

Are you trying to change up your meals? I know sometimes eating the same type of protein can be a little boring so if you are trying to switch it up and try something different, I may have the perfect solution for you. Instead of chicken, why not try seafood? Some of you may be shocked and are wondering about seafood?! Yes, seafood is a great alternative for protein that you can try if you want to mix up your dishes a bit. It is proven that seafood is a great high quality protein that is easily digestible when we consume it. This helps to relieve that feeling of bloating that you may have after you eat. Not only that, but seafood is also known to contain essential fatty acids that your body needs. The benefits to eating seafood includes intake of long chain omega 3 fatty acids, DHA, EPA, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, iodine, zinc, iron, and selenium. Ready to try seafood? Great! Not sure how to properly make seafood? Don’t worry about it! Lucky for you, I have so many delicious and Easy Seafood Recipes that you can try from home!

Whether you like shrimp, fish, flounder, crab, etc., I have a variety of different delicious and easy dishes for you to try. I know many people are scared to try and cook seafood dishes at home because they seem complicated but not to worry, it is a lot easier than you think! I have created a variety of different and Easy Seafood Recipes that you can try out and choose among your favorites. Eating seafood is a great source of protein and I recommend adding it to your dishes. Let me know which seafood dish was your favorite to make and eat! 

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