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What Can Interior Designers Institute Offer Me As An Interior Design Student

We understand that when looking for a school to attend, it is important to know what they can offer you as a student. Not all colleges offer the same programs, student life, or financial aid as others. Interior Designers Institute is constantly being recognized for being students top choice when they are pursuing a career in interior design. Unlike a regular college, Interior Designers Institute can provide its students with individualized attention you couldn’t get at a lecture hall with over 50 students. This is just one of many reasons as to why Interior Designers Institute also known as IDI, sets itself apart from any of the other colleges. IDI is known for being one of the best Interior Design Schools in California. At IDI, they tend to keep class sizes small to make sure they can give each student the help and attention they deserve. We want our students to feel like they have a support system here at IDI. Our students know that if they are struggling with a course topic or need help understanding something, that our faculty is there to help them. Large lecture halls often are intimidating to students and it makes students feel like they are just another number and can disappear amongst the other crowd of students. 

IDI is actually considered a boutique college located in Newport Beach. IDI is located in a beautiful area in Newport Beach and it also is close to well-known interior design companies and showrooms that can help benefit their career. IDI encourages its students to become more involved in school if they are able to do so. These extracurriculars can include anything from internships, in school programs and clubs, and also joining school chapters. It is extremely important that when attending school, you’re not only focused on maintaining great grades, but students should also be gaining career experience through internships, clubs, and projects. At IDI, our students always come first. To learn more about IDI and why it is considered one of the most recognized Interior Design Schools in California, visit their school website for more information. On their school website, you’ll be able to learn more about the programs they offer, student life, financial aid, and much more! If you are truly interested in pursuing a career in interior design, we highly recommend that you check out Interior Designers Institute.

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