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Four Tips for A Great School Website Design

A well-designed school website is an excellent way to capture the attention of parents, students, and teachers. Your school’s website should reassure existing parents and students that you know what you’re doing while answering any questions prospective parents and students might have.

When looking to hire a website designer for your school, you need to know what to look out for. Your website designer must first understand the values your school stands for and what you need your website to do. Here four key elements take note of in your school website design:

  1. Useful Homepage

Simplicity is the key to a successful school website; while you want your website to look good, you also want to keep your homepage simple. Your homepage needs to get your visitors to the next click without confusing them.

So opt for a simple homepage design, one that is easy to read and guides your visitors around your website without cramming too much content into it. Your homepage should also include quick links, images, news and calendar of events pages.

  1. Responsive Design

Your school website needs to have a responsive design, meaning that a wide variety of devices can access it. This lets your website be easily shared through email links and social media sites allowing users to access it from their smartphones, laptops, or tablets.

Make sure your school’s website features a responsive design to save users the stress of zooming and dragging the pages to fit their screens.

  1. Well-Organized Navigation

A great website should include an intuitive, organized navigation which makes it very easy for visitors to use. Quick detailed navigation links makes it a lot simpler for visitors to find what they are looking for on your website.

As a tip, be sure to recommend your website designer uses the 7-Link rule in website organization that is organizing navigation and sub-navigation with seven links. Fewer links save your visitors the time they would have spent deciding on what pages of your website they want to visit.

  1. Streamline Popular Pages

Generally, the most popular pages on a school’s website are the calendar page, contact directory, student page, and the teacher pages, to mention a few. Since you already know the most important pages visitors to a school’s website often visit, your website must pay close attention to these pages.

Visitors should be able to view your school’s calendar on your website. They should also be able to find the contact information for your staff through your website. Parents and students should also be able to find their individual and teacher pages easily. The links to these pages should be included in your navigation.

A school’s website is the online home of the school and often the first point of contact between the school and its prospective parents and students. This is why your school’s website has to be accessible for all, so; you need to hire an excellent school website designer like eduMedia.

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