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Fetii Is The First Provider Of On-Demand Group Transportation

If you haven’t heard of Fetii or don’t have the Fetii app downloaded, then you’re missing out! Fetii has made itself known as one of the first providers of on-demand group transportation. Before Fetii, large groups would have to take separate vehicles in order to get to the same destination. The average sized car can fit up to a maximum of 5 people in one vehicle. Other transportation apps such as Uber and Lyft can provide groups with a larger vehicle however, this vehicle can only fit one more person than the average vehicle. That means that if your group was planning on bringing more than 6 people along for the ride, you would have to take multiple vehicles in order to get there. With Fetii, this is no longer a struggle. Fetii is the first on-demand group transportation provider that provides its users with large vehicles to accommodate their larger group sizes. 

Even though Fetii provides its users with larger vehicles, it also provides them with flexibility on how to book a Fetii vehicle. Through the Fetii app, users can book a Fetii vehicle different ways depending on how urgently they need a vehicle. Fetii users are able to book a Fetii vehicle on-demand, reserve a vehicle for a future date, and they can also book a Fetii vehicle for a certain amount of hours. Fetii wants to provide their users with flexibility they can’t find anywhere else. They want the Fetii app users to find booking a Fetii vehicle an easy and simple process without any sort of hassle. The largest vehicle that Fetii offers to its app users is called the Fetii Premium. This vehicle can fit up to a maximum of 50 passengers. Yes, that’s right! 50 people can fit into one vehicle. So that means you can bring as many people as you want along for the ride. As Fetii becomes more popular in areas such as Texas, Fetii wants to continue to expand into other well-populated cities to meet their demand for group transportation. Cities that Fetii hopes to expand to include Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, along with many others. To learn more about what Fetii has to offer, visit their website for more information or download the app to join in on the Fetii experience. The Fetii app is currently available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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