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Fetii Becomes A Leader In Providing On Demand Group Rides

Fetii has made itself known as one of the leading providers of on-demand group transportation. Before Fetii, the only way large groups were able to get to the same destination was either by booking a party bus or taking several vehicles. Even when groups booked a party bus, they had to make the reservation for the party bus several days in advance in order to ensure availability. With Fetii, users no longer have to overspend on gas or make a reservation in advance in order to go out with a large group. 

Fetii gives its users the ability to book a Fetii on-demand and make reservations ahead of time. Fetii also has a variety of vehicles that their users can choose from. Depending on the vehicle the user decides to book, the vehicles can fit from 5 to 50 passengers. The Fetii vehicles include the Fetii Van, Fetii Bus, and Fetii Premium. The Fetii Van can fit up to 15 passengers. The Fetii Bus can fit up to 30 passengers. The Fetii premium can fit up to 50 passengers, this being the largest vehicle that Fetii offers to its users.

Fetii also offers an easy check in system by scanning. In order to be able to board the Fetii vehicle, users must scan the QR code that is on the side of every Fetii vehicle. By scanning the QR code, it gives Fetii users the option to either pay for themselves individually, pay for themselves or others, or pay for the whole ride in full. The possibilities the check in system offers are endless! 

The Fetii vehicles can take you anywhere your group wants to go. Popular Fetii destinations include nightlife venues, concerts, weddings, sporting events and airports. Fetii is currently available to download on the App Store and Google Play. Fetii’s mission is to provide a means of transportation to large groups to and from any location. Fetii ensures that their customers are safe at all times. The Fetii app currently has over thousands of users and becomes one of the most popular methods of group transportation.

As time continues to pass, it is only expected that the Fetii app will continue to grow. Fetii hopes to expand into major cities where it will be able to serve the needs of large groups. To learn more about what Fetii has to offer, download the app on any mobile device.

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