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Education Marketing Holidays Infographic

Education marketing is a competitive industry. Education organizations hire education marketing companies to manage their marketing.

In this article, we will see how educational organizations increase their enrollment statistics. The holiday season is not related to educational institutes. However, if you market your organization properly, you can take good advantage of it.

Education Marketing Services – Holiday Season

Education marketing companies are based on skillful people. Experts in marketing and research study the educational market and devise different strategies.

EduMEDIA is a professional agency that has been in business for years.

Let’s see how good is the holiday season for educational institutes.

Old Trends

When the holiday season is approaching, most people would like to put a stop to their advertisements. You must also be thinking about taking a break.

In the past years, we saw this trend prevail in the market where most advertisement schemes would pause for the holiday season.

Trend Shifting

Recently, we noticed some new organizations keep pushing their advertisements in the holiday season. Eventually, the trend started to catch on, and we saw some new organizations that would advertise in the holiday season.

Low Competition

There is a noticeable decrease in the number of advertisements during the holiday season. Hence, there is a higher chance of getting noticed.

Linkedin Stats

We have noticed an increase in education marketing services during the holiday season. This is strange to new people. However, it makes sense to the professionals. People who are busy all year handling their organization have plenty of free time to advertise and manage the campaigns of their school. We also see students take an interest in new school admission openings during holidays. Just because schools are off doesn’t mean marketing has to stop as well.

There is a 25-30 % increase in lead generation to enrollment for schools.

Final Months Of The Year

Our researchers have noticed a significant increase in marketing numbers towards the end of the year. Many students who have been looking for admissions all year long are closing in on options. The end of the year is the perfect time for colleges and schools to offer attractive admission offers. Students narrow down their prospects and make their decision.

Due to the above-stated reasons, the end of the year is a very busy and volatile time for education marketing.


The holiday season is the perfect time for struggling organizations to market themselves. Hiring professional education marketing services can strategize your process as well.

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