Interior Designers Institute is a boutique college that specializes in interior design and architecture. The college's specialized curriculum offers each student a personalized education with a student-focused faculty who loves teaching. In 1990, the Institute moved to larger facilities in Newport Beach to adapt to the growth, which offered additional classrooms and expanded student areas.


IDI's mission is to be an exclusive producer of interior design graduates, who become some of the most well-known and successful designers in the country. As a small, progressive college, the Institute has been able to adapt to design changes and trends and has recognized the importance of active participation and involvement. Ultimately, IDI wants to provide highly educational and progressive classes and placement services. The standard of excellence is the Institute's commitment to its current and future students as well as to the design community.


eduMEDIA comes into play by implementing the latest web-design trends and strategies in order to fulfill the institution's goal: to be a producer of successful interior design graduates. eduMEDIA began the website redesign by adding some of the best web-design trends to improve student engagement as well as enrollment.

First, eduMEDIA has added micro-interactions, which are tiny animations used to communicate with users and to help them perform tasks. They improve the user experience (UX) by providing users with active engagements with the site while also making the user feel valued and heard.

Because IDI is a design institution, it is very important for it's website to be aesthetically pleasing, which is why the use of vivid and bright colors is strongly utilized. Color is one of the most important aspects of design because it draws attention, sets a mood, and influences users' emotions, perceptions, and actions. 90% of assessments of a product are made on color alone, so it makes sense that color should be heavily considered for every design decision.

Last but not least, all of the pictures in the design gallery on IDI's website use the same color schemes and are taken by the same photographer, which is important for consistency. Additionally, pictures of actual students and their work are a form of "customized" website content, which always does better than stock photos because real pictures are more personalized and intimate, making the institution seem more transparent and trustworthy.


After IDI's new website went live, eduMEDIA noticed that the website engagement and enrollment numbers were notably higher, which was tracked through clicks, page visits, new visitors, and time per session during each visit. The aftermath continues to be tracked, and eduMEDIA hopes that enrollment numbers will be higher in the 2019 academic year than any year since the school's conception in 1990.