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5 things your school should include on social media

The content schools should post on their social media platforms should be different than what individuals post. For any school website there should be pictures posted that would be of benefit for them. Their posts should showcase what their school has to offer potential and current students. This is a great opportunity to show that your school is moving forward and embracing the changing world and advancing with it opposed to staying traditional.

Below are 5 things that our school marketing agency experts at eduMEDIA say your school should post about on social media:  

  1. Successful Alumni

School social media accounts have begun to showcase their successful alumni that had attended their school. Posting successful alumni can interest prospective students to look into your school and what programs your school has to offer. Showcasing your school’s successful alumni is known to turn heads and interest students in enrolling into your school. For example, Bates College has some notable alumni that attended their college including Robert F. Kennedy, David Hasselhoff, and Robert Frost amongst others. Posting your successful alumni on your school’s social media can interest potential students into researching more about what your school has to offer.

   2. Student & Faculty Achievements

Posting student and faculty achievements on your school’s social media can show that your school is innovative and working toward the future. It can be achievements for a science competition, successful theatre productions, etc.. This entices current students to work harder and academically perform well if they want to be “shouted out” on the school social media platform. This can also influence students to think outside the box and start moving towards innovation.

  3. Showcase your campus

It is of high importance to prospective students that there are pictures of the campus on the school’s social media. It is known that the appearance and location of the school campus is an important factor in the student’s decision making process. It is important for students to feel as if they can consider their school a “second home”.

  4. Student Activities

Uploading photos of different student activities taking place in your school’s campus can also interest potential students as well as current students. It will interest potential students because it shows what types of events and activities they would be able to partake in if they were to attend your school. These types of social media posts will also interest the current students because it will keep them informed of other activities that are happening on campus and influence them to become more involved in extracurricular activities offered at school.

  5. Dedicated Hashtags

Along with the pictures posted on your school’s social media platforms, it is essential that dedicated hashtags are also used with these pictures. This will make it easier for students to find your school and your posts through these hashtags. In addition, if students have pictures that they took at your school or a picture of them being at a student activity, they can use these hashtags as well. This can expand the numbers of students that are going to be able to discover your school’s platforms.

Tip: Hashtags are more commonly used on Instagram and Twitter


These five tips are helpful in knowing what type of content your school should be posting on your social media platforms. Make sure the pictures that you are posting are high quality pictures and aesthetically pleasing. Feel free to contact our school marketing agency experts at eduMEDIA for more useful tips to help your school get noticed!


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