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3 Day Itinerary: Lake Texoma

If you are planning a trip to Lake Texoma, this is the right itinerary and guide. We will help you know about everything that you need to know to have a memorable trip. We will cover the route you need to take and what camping spots are good, and, most importantly, good cabins near Lake Texoma.

Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma itself is a pretty big lake, one of the largest reservoirs in the United States. It is situated in Texas. It is popular among tourists and travelers because of the long list of things they can enjoy here. Lake Texoma is 30 m deep, and under normal conditions, there are 550 miles of shoreline on Lake Texoma.

Some of the notable cities surrounding the lake in Texas are Denison, Sherman, and Gainesville. In Oklahoma, the most famous city is Durant.

Where to stay in Lake Texoma

If you plan on camping in Lake Texoma for a night, you probably won’t need a cabin, but if you plan to stay for a couple of days and are with your friends or family, then we suggest that you give our guide about Lake Texoma cabins a read.

There are many cabins near Lake Texoma available for renting out, but the last thing you need on your trip is a bad cabin that ruins your whole trip.

We have listed a few of the best options available, which you can go with blindly.

Anglers Hideaway Cabins are our top pick for a few obvious reasons.


Their cabins are all fully furnished and come with modern-day facilities like satellite TV, microwave, TV, and refrigerator.

Online booking

You can book a cabin right now by going on their website for very reasonable rates. It would help if you put in the check-in and check-out dates, and you will find a cabin for yourself.

Browse the cabins

You can browse the cabins and view each cabin individually on their website and select the one you like. They have uploaded picture galleries showing their cabins inside out.

This one takes the trophy home, in our opinion, and the experience of all the Lake Texoma cabin rentals.

Things you must try

There is a lot of fun stuff that you can try in Lake Texoma


Fishing is a must if you are staying at Lake Texoma. There is a variety of fish available there, and recently, residents of Oklahoma got licensed permission to fish over the Texas side of the lake.


There are good camping spots available alongside the trail. If you plan on camping there, make sure to clean the place and don’t litter.

The sky is beautiful at night, and you can have a bonfire or a barbeque.

Boating and Sailing

Lake Texoma is famous for its long shoreline, and it is a treat for sailors. If you don’t sail, then there is a decent boating service available which we highly advise.


In the year 2020, the state implemented a small fee of 3 dollars per vehicle per day to spend on the lake’s maintenance. If you plan to camp in Lake Texoma, then this fee is waived off.

Cabin Necessities in Lake Texoma

If you plan to visit Lake Texoma any time soon then, we highly suggest that you get a cabin even if you plan to camp for a few nights of your trip. It will make your experience a lot better, and out of all the Lake Texoma cabin rentals that there are, our recommendation is Anglers Hideaway Cabins because of their top-notch services.

Best of luck on your trip over to Lake Texoma. We hope you enjoy it.

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