This case study is concentrated on The Lang School. eduMEDIA has helped to increase the online presence of The Lang School through the use of Google Ad Words and SEO. Increasing the online presence of The Lang School will help increase their engagement, website traffic, and show an increase in their enrollment numbers. Benefits of increased website traffic leads to a higher number of potential students who would be interested in enrolling into the school.

Google Ad Words is known to be a very useful online advertising platform that can help get websites ranked on the top of the search results page. Some of the SEO tactics that eduMEDIA uses includes keyword research, backlinks for blogs, along with other tactics.


The digital marketing goal for The Lang School is to have their website appear on the top of the search results page, increase their number of website visitors, and have an increase of their overall enrollment numbers.


Through the use of different digital marketing tactics, The Lang School has been able to see an increase in their enrollment numbers and overall website traffic. eduMEDIA has helped The Lang School achieve these positive results by tailoring the digital marketing tactics to target individuals who might be interested in the programs and education that The Lang School has to offer.

By using relevant keywords for SEO, eduMEDIA was able to target parents who wish to enroll their students into a school such as The Lang School. Whenever anyone would search keywords that were associated with The Lang School, their website would be the first to appear in the results page. This drew in more website traffic for The Lang School and within time also increased their overall enrollment numbers. The Lang School’s website traffic increased by 65% once through the use of eduMEDIA on-page and off-page search optimization strategy. The Lang School now has hundreds of website visitors visit their website daily.


With the help of eduMEDIA, The Lang School has appeared as the very first result on the search results page on search engines such as Google within the course of 2 weeks. This has allowed for The Lang School to be visibly seen by interested individuals who are looking for a school such as The Lang School.

The Lang School’s enrollment numbers also increased by 42%. This is also a direct result from the use of Google Ad Words and the SEO tactics.