The Fullerton College Photography Department offers both an Associate Arts Degree in Photography and a Professional Photography Certificate. The Photography Program prepares students for employment into a multitude of industries that utilize photography and/or transfer to a four- year degree university.

Their curriculum entails both theory and practicum teaching that is designed to provide students with a comprehensive photographic foundation. In addition, the Fullerton College Photography Program offers advanced technical training that provides the working professional student an opportunity to upgrade their present skills.

Students have the opportunity to learn photography with hands on experience utilizing the latest photographic and technology equipment in the photographic industry. Many classes mirror professional work scenarios and work experience.

Faculty and staff have more than fifty years combined experience working professionally in various photographic industries. Faculty members in the photography department are strongly committed to their students and work individually with each student to help them achieve their academic and career goals.


With any photography department that is a part of a larger college, it is very important to utilize current web design and trends. Photo departments are already overlooked by "bigger" majors such as computer science, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and more. With a strong website that exemplifies the work of students, a photography department can really thrive.

With that information in mind, eduMEDIA wanted to give the Fullerton College Department of Photography an entire website redesign, which strongly highlighted galleries and actual work made from students. The photo department also wanted to increase engagement between the students and institution, and eduMEDIA completed that task by making the social media platforms more conversational and student-teacher based.


If you visit the Fullerton Department of Photography website, you will notice that there is a "galleries" tab that drops down into the following: courses, alumni, student spotlight, and videos.

On the courses tab, you will find many pictures from actual students, coming from different classes. Each category highlights a specific class, and classes range from digital media all the way to wedding and underwater photography. eduMEDIA wanted to highlight the large spectrum of photo classes that the department offers.

Another dropdown option is called "student spotlight," which leads to accessible photos and photo collections from students at Fullerton College. The student spotlight tab acts as a gallery of the finest work that comes from students.

Since the Fullerton College Photography Department is quite small, eduMEDIA wanted to make the website extremely straightforward and informative for all prospective and current students, hence the addition of the "courses" tab. This option leads users through all of the courses available at this department and gives the College more credit for being so informative and transparent.


The Fullerton College Photography Department is now engaging more with students due to the consistency within the social media platforms and their new website. By posting pictures and videos of work purely made from students at the college, Fullerton has gained more attention from prospective student photographers and their families. We know this because of the private conversations had with prospective students that reach out to Fullerton VIA direct message on a variety of social media platforms.

Additionally, Fullerton College has also seen a spike in enrollment rate for photography classes because of the informational website and its transparency.