This case study mainly focuses on the Fullerton College Facebook and Instagram page. eduMEDIA carefully analyzed the performance of each social platform by breaking down the posts into the following categories: best performing post, post reach, follower increase, overall impressions, and engagement. Best performing post refers to the clients’ post with the most likes and/or comments. This is important to take note of because it can help eduMEDIA develop a clear and strategic plan on what kind of pictures and content we put out for clients.

For example, if the best performing post is a picture of a student editing a movie, eduMEDIA will begin to curate content that relates to or is similar to a student participating in editing. This statistic will help eduMEDIA create more content that relates to movies, editing, films, and everything in that area of study. Post reach and overall impressions refers to how many people clicked/viewed the post. This is critical information because it gives you a sense of how many people you are impacting.

Lastly, follower increase and engagement go hand-in-hand because the more followers you have, the more likely you are to have an increase in overall engagements. Engagements range from direct messages to comments on pictures. Essentially, engagements are any interaction between the organization and its target audience.


The goal for the Fullerton College Film Department is to increase following and engagement on all social media platforms. Additionally, eduMEDIA hopes to raise enrollment numbers for the college's film department in the coming years by understanding the wants and needs of the primary target audience and catering to them.


The Fullerton Cinematography Instagram page was created in July 2018, and now has 115 followers. The Instagram account is growing fast, and each post gets about 15-40 likes per post, which is a high engagement to followers ratio. Although 115 followers isn’t remarkable number, it’s important to note that the 115 followers are real followers, which means that the Fullerton Cinema Instagram platform acquired those followers naturally, without any paid promotions or fake follower packages.

eduMEDIA also deployed an organic and paid search engine optimization strategy in order to drive interested students to the department's new website that was built by eduMEDIA. The new website saw a 52% increase in overall website traffic with 80% of the traffic coming from organic, un-paid traffic and the remaining 20% coming from paid traffic through google PPC advertising.


The best statistic is the “back to school” Instagram post that was released on September 5th. There was a surge in traffic with over 250 people reached. There was no money involved to promote or boost the posts-- it was all done organically. eduMEDIA also learned that the primary target audience for the Fullerton Cinema Department are women and men ages 19-24 years old. With this information, eduMEDIA will create content that relates to and reaches that demographic to increase numbers all around.

In July of 2018, posts reached about 250 people. In November of 2018, posts reached more than 800 people. Engagements (likes/comments per post) also increased because of Fullerton’s conversational social media method. Oftentimes, the Fullerton Cinema Facebook and Instagram posts will end with a question such as “Do you agree? Comment below,” “Did you like this movie? Comment below,” which pushes followers and users to comment and express more engagement.