The Fullerton College Art Department offers a wide variety of courses for students striving to become versatile artists, opening more doors for professional opportunity. The Art Department's busy exhibition season features the work of professional artists from all over the world as well as work by their faculty and students. The Artist in Residence program provides students with a week-long experience with a professional artist, who offers demonstrations, lectures, and gallery exhibitions. The permanent art collection at Fullerton College spans all genres and includes work by artists like Wayne Thiebaud, Florence Arnold, John Paul Jones, Thomas Campbell, and Frank Romero.


Fullerton College is the oldest community college in continuous operation in California. Since its first class of 26 students in 1913, it has grown to become one of the most successful community colleges in the nation. The College's goal is to maintain it's high transfer and graduation rates as well as to provide students with rich academic programs and the skills and resources they need in order to achieve the highest level of success.


The first thing a user will notice on the Fullerton College Arts page is the amount of movement there is. The background behind the "Enroll Now" button is technically a video, which counts as a larger microinteraction. GIFS and videos have been known to better communicate ideas, concepts, and processes while making content more engaging for users, so eduMEDIA wanted to utilize the use of movement. Videos/GIFs add interest to ads, email newsletters, illustrations, icons, and logos, and have become a trend of their own.

Another thing eduMEDIA added was the dropdown menu that comes when your mouse hovers over the "programs" tab. This is important because most users that visit Fullerton's page are either prospective students, existing students, or the parents of prospective students. Therefore, it is very important that the most important aspect on a college's website-- the actual courses and learning material, are delicately put together and used in the most efficient way.

For institutions, it is very important to show the success of current/past students to emphasize the fact that lots of success comes from attending Fullerton College. On the top left of the website's home page, there is a "gallery" tab that links to all the photos and art pieces that students have created over the years. This is a very important aspect on the website because it shows real students in real time that went to Fullerton College putting their education to use. It positively influences the minds of prospective students by providing real success stories.

Last but not least, a "news/blog" tab is added to give viewers the option to keep up with what is going on with Fullerton College. It makes the college seem more transparent while also keeping students and parents informed with everything that is happening.


Fullerton College is already a very successful institution on its own, so eduMEDIA is very happy to announce that there has been a rise in web visits in the last year since the new website was launched for the Fullerton College Art Department. Additionally, the social media platforms of this institution has been increasing rapidly, and the art department seems to be getting more attention and credit in general. With so much success already, eduMEDIA is confident that the Fullerton Art Department will thrive this year and hopefully have a spike in student enrollment for the upcoming academic years.