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Top 5 Marketing Tactics to Increase Enrollment

Each year, schools struggle to maintain and meet their enrollment number expectations. This is a missed opportunity for schools to showcase and bring awareness to their programs offered at their institution. Technology is advancing every single day. Today, many higher education institutions are using marketing to help raise awareness to their brand and increase the […]

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5 Tips for Marketing Your School District

Times have changed, and the success of schools is now based on marketing, web-design, and content quality. Many schools are realizing that they need to engage in strong marketing campaigns to thrive in this new and fast-paced market. Now more than ever, schools are looking to develop marketing plans to guide them to higher enrollment […]

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How to Improve School UX (User Experience) Through Web Design

Once a prospective student myself, I have been exposed to a numerous amount of school website designs, both good and bad. Institutions and their respective web platforms can be the sole reason that a student chooses to attend or reject a university. Yes, they are game-changing. The best university websites are easy to navigate, speak […]

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Top 5 Best Web Design Trends for Schools

With schools developing at a rapid pace, it is important that we constantly strive to have an evolving entity. Keeping up with the top design trends for school websites is vital for many institutions because the end goal is to always achieve the highest engagement numbers, whether it be between the parents and the institution […]

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5 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Your Brands Online Footprint

Nowadays, businesses of all sizes are using online marketing but may not have the right content and material that draws a steady stream of users and customers. Whether you are an institution, a small beauty company, a clothing brand, or an organic produce distributor, the goal is to always generate more referrals and new clients […]

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