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Why Your Gifted Student Should Attend The Lang School

Your child is the most important thing in your life. As parents, it is of the highest importance that you provide your child with the best care and best education. When placing your child in a school, you need to be sure you are conducting research on your end to make sure that they meet all your expectations as a parent. When it comes to The Lang School, we understand your concern and want to help your child become the best student they can be! The Lang School is known as being one of the best twice exceptional schools nyc. At The Lang School we encourage our students to pursue their passion and talent. We embrace big ideas, gifts, and exceptionalism. The Lang School is considered one of the best schools for gifted and twice exceptional students in New York.

As one of the top 2e schools nyc, we offer a variety of different curriculum and instruction based on the level of education your student falls into. At The Lang School we have a lower school, upper school, and a virtual school. The lower school teaches the K-5 curriculum. The upper school teaches 6th to 12th grade curriculum. The lower and upper school is also offered as a virtual school. Through the virtual school, gifted students can still have a successful learning environment and receive the same education as the on-site students. Having the option of having virtual school allows 2e learners from around the world to be able to enroll into the academics that The Lang School has to offer. At our 2e school nyc, our academics are based on a cross-curricular called MESH. What is MESH? MESH are the academics we choose to focus on that includes Math, Engineering, Science, and the Humanities. The Humanities academics includes topics such as ethics, poetics, philosophy, history, literature, and all of the arts. The Lang School has so much to offer to its gifted and twice exceptional students. We offer one on one specialized attention, dyad, small-group counseling, sensory/fine motor support, speech therapy, and academic remediation if so needed. The Lang School is recognized as one of the top twice exceptional school nyc for a reason.To learn more about The Lang School and their academics and admission, visit their website for more information. We can also schedule a virtual open house and individual tour requests.

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