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Why You Should Enroll Your Child Into The Lang School

The Lang School is unlike any other school. The Lang School is known for being one of the best twice exceptional schools nyc. Unlike regular schools, our 2e school nyc focuses on providing our gifted and special students they cannot get anywhere else. At The Lang School, we provide our students with social emotional learning and academic support they cannot get if choosing the regular school system. At The Lang School, our team of teachers and staff are invested in unleashing your student’s full potential. Our trained staff are trained in gifted and special education and know how to help students accelerate in their studies and understand their needs. 

The Lang School itself is divided as two schools but are one school as a whole. These two schools include the lower school and the upper school. The school is separated by grade levels that the students fall under. The lower school teaches its students curriculum of K through 5th grade. The upper school teaches its students curriculum of the 6th grade all the way to the 12th grade. Regardless of whether your child falls under the lower school or the upper school, our staff and teachers provide the same amount of individualized attention that our students need in order to help succeed academically. Both the lower school and the upper school are also offered virtually. Even through virtual school, students will still receive the same education as the students that are there in person. Having virtual school gives gifted and twice exceptional children the opportunity to still be enrolled into The Lang School and take advantage of the academics it has to offer. If you are considering enrolling your child into a 2e schools nyc, don’t look any further. The Lang School is considered one of the best schools that provide twice exceptional education. To learn more about the twice exceptional school nyc known as The Lang School and their academics and admissions, visit their website for more information. The Lang School also provides monthly open houses for prospective parents that are interested in discussing more about The Lang School and getting any of their questions answered. The Lang School offers virtual open houses through Zoom so parents can still participate in the open house through the comfort of being right at home. These virtual open house meetings will have parents, faculty, and students to learn more about the twice exceptional education that The Lang School offers.

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