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Voice Search SEO: Tips to Increase Your Voice Search Optimization Strategy

The way people search on the internet is massively changing in 2022. People are using voice searches more frequently than ever. Every one in five searches on Google is made by using voice search. This article will explain the basic tips to increase voice search volume. We will also suggest an Orange County web design.

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GreatLike Media is a very popular Orange County web design agency. This agency is affordable yet very effective for small to mid-range online businesses. If you want to increase your voice search optimization strategy, GreatLike Media has a very experienced and professional team that can help you increase your sales.

Introduction To Voice Search

Google first introduced voice search. It slowly started to get popular over the last decade. The invention of Google Home, Alexa, and other house assistants that use voice commands have also increased the voice search trend among people. Lastly, mobile phones are also a primary source of voice searches since it is easier to search using voice.

Tips to Turn Up the Volume on Your Voice Search Optimization Strategy

Here are some useful tips for our readers to increase voice search optimization.

Conversational Writing Style

One of the best ways to instantly increase your volume on voice search is to write your title and sub-headings in conversational style rather than plain headings. For example, rather than saying “phone screen repair,” you can type it as, “how can I repair my phone screen.”

This tip allows you to write your content in the same tone as the voice search queries. People are more likely to ask questions as if they are talking to a real person over voice search.

Analyze Traffic-Driving Web Searches

As a website owner, you should search for the traffic driving searches for your website over the Google toolbox. You can not filter the searches by voice-search; however, you can narrow down the queries that are in a conversational style. Orange County web design agency, GreatLike media has a specialized team to speed you through this process.


Voice searches are expected to grow half of the total volume of search queries. Follow or tips or hire Orange County web design company GreatLike.

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