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Top 7 things that need to be on your school website

Schools are the gateway to our future. They help shape us and give us the knowledge we need to succeed in the future. That’s why it is important to make your school website stand out and provide students and parents with the information they need.

Choosing a school that will provide their student with the best level of education is one of the most important decisions for a parent. Ensuring both the parents and the students that your school is the best fit for them starts with your website.

Our school website design company experts at eduMEDIA, want to make certain that your website has these 7 things that prospective students and parents look for in a school website.

1. About Page

Your school’s about page is crucial in educating prospective students and parents about your institution. It provides them with insight of your school’s history, your mission, and your culture. The about page should also focus on what makes your school unique and valuable. Differentiating yourself from other schools is key in targeting prospective students.

2. Programs/Extra-curriculars

One of the most important factors that sway most prospective parents to deciding on a school is the level of higher education offered. 81.3% of parents heavily rely on what programs are offered that can help enhance the education of their student. This is why we heavily emphasize that school websites include the programs they offer to prospective students. Including the programs offered can interest parents and students in enrollment, especially if they come across a program that is being offered that they are truly passionate about. Including extra-curriculars can also be beneficial in enhancing enrollment. Besides their education, students also wish to know what sports, activities, and clubs are offered at your institution. Most students besides wanting a higher level of education, also wish to be involved in extra-curriculars and it can be a determining factor on whether they decide to enroll in your school.

3. School Calendar

Making sure you include a school calendar on your website is helpful to the parents, students, and faculty. Including a school calendar informs your audience about upcoming events happening on at your school. Students, Parents, and Teachers can be up-to-date with what to expect for the current or upcoming school year.

4. Engaging Videos

Conveying a message through a video, maintains the attention of your audience and informs them through visuals. Videos are an easy and fun way to get your message across to your intended audience without boring them with text. 60% of people stay on  websites longer due to the videos. Having too much text on your school website can bore and discourage many people from reading your site. By including as video on your website, this can capture the attention of your user and convey your message effectively.

5. Mobile-friendly

Studies show that people spend over 4 hours on their mobile devices per day. Being able to access the internet through your phone, has revolutionized today’s market. If you want your school to be known and drive traffic to your website, it needs to be mobile-friendly. If your school website is not able to be accessed on smartphones, this takes a negative toll. Enabling your website to be mobile-friendly and compatible on smartphones can drive traffic to your site and help gain visibility.

(Quick Tip: Make sure to include your school’s social media links on your website to create brand awareness)

6. E-Newsletters

Your school website should allow for users to be able to sign up for e-newsletters from your school. This can maintain the attention of your current and new prospective parents and students. It will keep them informed about updated when your school wishes to send them new information. E-newsletters are also a helpful method of keeping prospective parents and students informed about enrollment information.

7. Online Inquiry/Contact Info

The purpose of an online inquiry is a way that people can send you a message through the website. When schools include online inquiries it gives people access to be able to message your school with any questions about your school. Many people prefer online inquiry forms versus contacting a company through the phone because it more easily accessible to them. Make sure your school’s information is included somewhere on your website. The contact information includes the school’s address, phone, and email.

Selecting a school is one of the most important life decisions when shaping your future. Making sure these 7 items are included in your website, will spark the interest of many prospective parents and students. For additional tips or help with your school’s website, feel free to contact our school website design company experts at eduMEDIA.


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