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Top 5 Marketing Tactics to Increase Enrollment

Each year, schools struggle to maintain and meet their enrollment number expectations. This is a missed opportunity for schools to showcase and bring awareness to their programs offered at their institution.

Technology is advancing every single day. Today, many higher education institutions are using marketing to help raise awareness to their brand and increase the number of prospective students.

Our school marketing agency experts at eduMEDIA, discovered the top 5 marketing tactics that have helped schools boost their brand visibility and increased the number of students applying to their institution.

    1. Strong Social Media Presence

Social media marketing is very important if you want to create and increase brand awareness. More than 3 billion people use social media every month. It has significantly impacted society and has become imperative in everyone’s everyday life. Being involved in social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allows for individuals to learn more about your institution. It also allows for users to engage with your brand thus raising and creating awareness for your school. This can generate sincere interest between individuals and your company.

    2. Facebook Ads

Facebook is considered the oldest social media platform and is still in the rise for being the most popular platform. Many businesses create Facebook advertisements, for Facebook receives over 8 billion daily video views. This is a huge amount of users using Facebook on the daily. This optimizes the chances of users discovering your brand and what makes it unique. Through Facebook video ads you can create and run campaigns that best suit your institution. Facebook also allows for you to track the performance of your video campaign and shows how many users were engaging. This allows for you to raise more awareness to your institution as well as reach out to prospective students.

    3. Instagram Ads

Instagram is one of the top growing social media platforms at 500 million daily active users. Many people find Instagram easy to use and navigate, great for sharing pictures, and for gaining exposure. Instagram is predominantly used by individuals ages 13-29. However, the number of individuals using Instagram grows on the daily. Instagram Ads unlike Facebook, are more photo oriented rather than being video based. Instagram is mostly known for individuals or businesses creating posts that contains a photo and promoting it through Instagram Ads. Instagram Ads are very successful in that they reach huge amounts of traffic by engaging with their users through hashtags. The use of hashtags allow users to reach certain traffic based on the hashtag created. Instagram also allows you to track and see how many people are interacting with your advertised post.

    4. Videos & Animation

Creating videos and animations for your company is critical for optimizing and grabbing the attention of your target audience. Videos have been known to have a greater impact than words. In addition, there are many channels to post the videos you have created such as Youtube and other social media platforms. The videos created for your company should demonstrate what makes you unique amongst all other institutions. It can include different programs or courses you offer. The video is intended to inform your audience about how they will benefit from choosing your school opposed to others. Animations also help when including them in videos. Animation is known for educating through entertainment and helping maintain customer retention. They are meant to capture the attention of your intended audience and deliver the message effectively and clearly.

    5. Engaging Infographics

Along with animation, infographics are also a key factor in grabbing the attention of your target market. Infographics is a form of depicting data, information, and statistics through visuals. Creating visuals such as infographics to be shown on websites, social media, and other channels are crucial in attracting new clients for your business. It is known that the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Creating engaging infographics be visually compelling and drive traffic to your company thus creating brand awareness.

With the right plan and execution, these 5 marketing tactics will help your school increase enrollment! For additional help or other useful marketing tactics to get your business known, feel free to contact the school marketing agency professionals here at eduMEDIA.


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