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The Newest Ride-Sharing Trend

Most of the younger population has been wondering what is Fetii? This new, transformative application has taken the market by storm and more and more people are beginning to realize the new moat that the app brings. 

Fetii is a ride-hailing application that focuses on providing instant and on-demand group rides for groups ranging from 5 people all the way to 30 people. The app has a unique twist to it as it does not follow the same system that other ride-sharing models such as Uber or Lyft partake in. Fetii uses a unique QR-code check-in scanning system that allows users to go about payment any way they want. Users who typically pay for others can do so by selecting the number of people to pay for before scanning the QR code on the fetii vehicle. Users who are being paid for by other individuals can simply select “0” before scanning their QR code on the Fetii vehicle.

The individualized payment system through the QR-code scanning technology is one of the things that makes Fetii innovative, effective, and different from the rest of the ride-sharing crowd. When asking the founders Justin Rath and Matthew Iommi how they came up with the check-in system they were quick to refer the models seen in companies such as Lime,  VeoRide, and many more. The founders analyzed the QR-code scanning technology and decided to move the tech towards the ride-sharing business and they began to see a moat surrounding applications and QR code scanning in the younger individuals. This presence of mind enabled them to solve the biggest problem in the on-demand group transportation model: the inability to individualize payments between the riders.

Before the system was implemented, 1 user would have to take the burden for the entire group causing a major inconvenience in the customer experience as it is unlikely that 1 person will want to take the risk of paying for everyone in the group. With the new QR code scanning system, users can split payment any way they want and everyone can conveniently ride the Fetii. 

Matthew Iommi and Justin Rath are also the founders of private equity firm Pyro Equity and will look to expand their newest venture Fetii nationally by the year 2021.

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