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The Key to Successful Enrollment Marketing is Understanding Student Intent

Hey, guess what it is school admission season all around the country. Education marketing agencies would call it the Christmas season. Educational organizations such as schools, high schools, colleges, and community colleges are looking to get students’ attention.

As an organization owner, you might wonder if all the educational advertisements look similar in some way. Additionally, all successful educational advertisement schemes are like funnel business strategies.

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Student Intent

Some readers might wonder and ask the question that what is student intent? Student intent means the student’s level of interest in your organization and their intention to enroll in your organization. It also includes the steps that students are likely to take to make their decision.

There are three stages and subsequent strategies of student intent.

Low Intent – High Volume

A large amount of the population and potential clients lie in this stage. You will find the greatest number of students who haven’t made any decisions about your organization.

The strategy to handle low intent students is to send them quizzes and webinar links so you can enlighten them about your organization. Quizzes will allow you to know what your students want to know about you.

Moderate Intent – Moderate Volume

The second stage of student intent has a moderate number of potential clients. Students in this stage are in the middle of their decision-making process.

They have a good amount of knowledge about your organization. However, several things are bugging them. Educational marketers use inquiry forms and clear the concerns of the clients.

High Intent – Low Volume

The final stage of student intent carries the clients who have almost made up their minds. It would help if you assured these clients that you care for them and that their decision will benefit them.


Any good education marketing agency basis on the marketing scheme on the amount of student intent. You must pair up with your advertisement agency and develop specific marketing strategies for each level of student intent.

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