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The Key to Successful Enrollment Marketing is Understanding Student Intent

School organizations are getting in a competitive zone. Due to covid-19 restrictions, we have observed a very neck-to-neck battle on internet advertisement schemes.

This article aims at a very important aspect of education marketing. Student intent arguably could be the most important parameter in advertisement schemes. We will review the importance of student intent. We will also go over the benefits of hiring an Education Marketing Agency for your educational organization.

Higher Education Marketing Agency – EduMEDIA

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What Is Student Intent?

Almost all marketing strategies depend on the amount of student intent. Hence, we can say that education marketing schemes are a response to the value of student intent.

Every student in the market, looking for a school, is at a certain level of their research. The amount and level of their research determine the distance they are at from enrolling into your organization.

Some students have done their complete research and examined your organization. These students with a high level of research would have strong beliefs and intentions about your organizations. They are either at the brink of enrolling, or they don’t want to enroll at all.

Research shows that there are students who are halfway through their research. These students have moderate intentions about joining your organization. Such students are either looking for a strong deal-breaker or dealmaker.

Finally, there is a third kind of student with very low intentions towards joining your organization. Students who have just started their research understand the education market.


A successful and effective education marketing scheme allows organizations to target users based on their student intent.

Students with high intention levels have already made up their minds. Any higher education marketing agency would suggest you send application forms to such students.

A medium level of intention requires inquiry forms. With the help of inquiry forms, you can let them know what they are confused about.

A low level of intention would be better tackled with seminars/webinars.


Education marketing agency allows organizations to understand the level of student intention. Understanding the student intention in your clients would help you offer more targeting and effective marketing schemes.

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