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The Investor Academy

The Investor Academy has been rising in popularity and has turned many heads wondering as to what trading the forex market is and if they are able to generate a full-time income from it. The Investor Academy is a popular course that teaches individuals how to become a day trader. There has been numerous success stories of people that have tried the course and were able to make a career out of it. 

The Investor Academy began rising in popularity when it was featured in Yahoo Finance for having over 50,000 students enrolled in the course. As the name The Investor Academy becomes more recognizable, the number of students enrolled continues to grow. The Investor Academy gives enrolled students access to the Forex Mastery Training and they can also choose to partake in the monthly subscription for access to the Live Trade Room.

The Forex Mastery Training gives students access to video training that range from beginner, intermediate, and advanced. It provides students a walk-through of what they should know before trading in the market and some useful tips. The Live Trade Room allows users to have a screen share with professional traders and view live market trade predictions and analysis. 

In regards to The Investor Academy, I recommend reading other Investor Academy reviews before purchasing or trying out their free 7 day all access pass. This is said to give you 7 days of free access of everything the academy has to offer as well as the Live Trade Room. It is very important that when you are trying to purchase a course, to ensure that you have done enough research before you spend any money. It is wise to have read multiple reviews and look at the ratings that people have given courses because they could potentially have more insight. 

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