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The Fetii App

The Austin Party bus is designed to meet the demands of people who want to travel in groups. It matches the needs of its customers through party bus rentals. The Fetii app helps is designed to help you schedule a group ride. This post will give an insight into the Fetii app and its features, and how it syncs with the Party Bus Rentals Austin

Fetti app provides first-class group rides through party buses. Fetii has a good understanding and knowledge of how the group transportation industry works. They know how best to serve the customers. It is the first party bus app to be in use. It has maintained its quality service since its inception. The group rides come in handy for any occasion, including but not restricted to your bachelor party and birthday party.


The good thing about their party buses is that they have a bus that can meet your current demand. There are divers buses ranging from the ones that can carry a minimum of 5 people to those that can contain up to 50 passengers. This adds the dynamism and flexibility needed to meet the varying demands of thousands of customers. 

The buses come with drivers who have undergone the necessary training and have the essential qualifications. All the drivers possess commercial drivers license and passenger endorsements. The Buses are chauffeured by Drivers who have been trained to drive in the harshest conditions. Depending on your taste or preference, the rides come with enhancements that keep your party going before you get to your destination. Features like Led light, strip pole, drinks, and so on can keep you in the party mode before you get to your location. Don’t mind taking some shots of tequila because you are not behind the wheel. Drug and Fealcohol free Fetii drivers have got you covered.

The quality of the buses adheres to best practices. They are well maintained. Maintenance is done by highly qualified mechanics and technicians scheduled to carry out regular inspections of the vehicles. Also, Fetti is fully licensed and secured. 

The group rides have numerous advantages. The rides keep you from getting late to the party. With these rides, nobody is left behind because you all go on the same ride and get to your destination together. No one gets stuck in traffic. Besides, you can party from your bus to your party location, and if you like, you can party from your location back. 


The App allows you to schedule a group ride and enjoy all the quality services mentioned earlier. 

This App is quite easy to use. You only need to take the following simple steps. They are:

  1. Download the App 
  2. Sign up 
  3. Find closest Fetii Vehicle near you 
  4. Schedule your ride
  5. Scan to check-in and enjoy the ride

There’s nothing wrong with inviting your friends to use Fetii after enjoying a fun ride. 

Why are you waiting?  Download Fetii now and catch a fun-filled group ride.

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