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The Data-Driven Approach to Help Higher Ed Meet Student Needs

The educational analytical data can explain the use of system resources by showing whether increased public investment in education has brought measurable benefits to student performance. The direct responsibility for the results rests primarily with the school, but the responsibility for the policies and working environment that make it possible rests with Education Marketing Companies.

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Changes In Higher Education

The pandemic has upset the higher education industry in two broad ways. First, we accelerated existing trends. Second, it confused the long-standing pattern. Some effects were unpredictable. For example, a recession usually leads to a surge in new registrations. That wasn’t the case this time.

Even seemingly simple changes, such as the transition to distance learning, can present unexpected challenges. If you feel that everything is fluid, you are not alone. Media usage habits are changing, the student population is generally older and more diverse, and students are increasingly focused on how higher education can help them find better jobs.

A Better Unified And Universal Approach

Another area where data is immediately valuable is to enable institutions to leverage the technology investments they make due to the pandemic. This helps predict what students will want next and how technology can meet their expectations. For schools that adopted online learning early, insights from market research can help continue to meet the needs of a wider variety of people searching for online learning.

Better Decision Making

Market research has long helped institutions make wise decisions about program catalogs, formats, and services. It guided their decision on which programs to add, which programs to remove and which formats to offer. It was probably just as important; it helped advocate these changes to faculty and managers. This type of data is even more valuable when education is in transition.

The Research Process

The Primary Surveys can collect information through carefully curated samples. Collecting is usually more difficult and requires more investment.

Secondary surveys (reviews of existing national and regional databases) often have a broader perspective, more samples, and are widely available.


Education marketing companies heavily rely on data and research performed in the educational field. If you want the best results for your organization, you should try out the professional-grade services of EduMedia.

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