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Nurturing Post-Traditional Students

Most educational organizations fail to get post-traditional students. Some organizations can reach them but fail to enroll them. Why’s that? We will discuss how to improve enrollment rates of post-traditional students in this article. We will see what methods education marketing companies use.

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How Are Post-Traditional Students Different?

If you want to increase your post-traditional student enrollment rates, you need to find out how they differ from traditional students. Here is a criterion identified by most education marketing companies.

  • Enrolled As a Full-Time or Part-Time Student
  • Doesn’t Live On-Campus
  • Over 24 Years of Age
  • Uses Different Mediums Such As Online, Classroom, E.T.C.
  • Seeking Career-Related Programs
  • Works At A Full-Time Or Part-Time Job
  • Demands Flexible Schedules

Any student who meets some or all of the mentioned criteria qualifies as a post-traditional student.

Demands Of Post-Traditional Students

Based on research, education marketing services have short-listed the following things those post-traditional students are concerned about the most.

  1. Cost of education
  2. Flexibility in classes
  3. Distance between their work and your organization
  4. Option of online courses
  5. Length of course

In 2022, most students are becoming post-traditional. If your education organization wants to survive, it must grab the attention of post-traditional students.

How To Attract Post-Traditional Students?

Here are some things you should do to increase your post-traditional student enrollment rates.

1. Offer Low Tuition Fees

Post-traditional students are mostly paying for their education themselves. Hence, you should consider that and offer competitively low education rates.

2. Flexible Medium of Study

Most post-traditional students have part-time or full-time jobs. That is why they want a flexible mod of education where it is possible to take online classes if they cannot make it to the campus.

3. Offer Discounts and Scholarships

You can attract post-traditional students by offering discounts if they maintain good grades.

4. Overall Flexibility

When retaining post-traditional students, nothing beats offering customizability and flexibility. You can ensure better sales by keeping your students happy.


Education organizations are trying their best to nurture post-traditional students. Based on the methods of successful education marketing companies and our research, you should get better student engagement if you follow the tips in our article.

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