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Nielsen Loss of MRC Accreditation: How Does This Impact Higher Ed Marketing?

People who stay updated about education marketing must know Nielsen’s loss of accreditation. This news came as quite a shock to many people. Nielsen has been a very renowned education marketing agency.

Let’s look at what this loss signifies and means for education marketing.

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What Is the Story Behind Nielsen’s Accreditation?

If you haven’t followed Nielsen’s accreditation news, here is a quick review for you. Many experts believe that the failure of Nielsen’s accreditation lies heavily in the damage done by the pandemic to the firm. Changes in regulations and policies led Nielsen to reduce the size of in-home viewer panels, one of the main factors of the accreditation loss. Metering and a few other issues may have immensely affected their reliability.

Education marketing agency experts were already naming Nielsen’s strategies as “outdated.” This, combined with the negative effects of the pandemic, seems to have proven the final nail in the coffin of Nielsen’s accreditation loss. Nielsen’s schemes rely heavily on statistical marketing. This is the same technique used to predict the results of the elections. There is no need to say why people we worried about the functioning of this sampling technique.

The weak strategic approach led to lower TV audiences. This situation was problematic for broadcasters because they couldn’t charge enough. Marketers were also worried that whether their ads were being viewed or not, and they appealed to MRC.

On 1st September 2021, MRC revoked National Television service accreditation, Local People Meter, and Set Meter Market services, Nielsen.

How Has It Affected Higher Education Marketing Agency?

This news came as a surprise to media outlets. It started an uproar and a series of news coverage reports and articles updating people about the progress at each step. Fortunately, higher education marketing agency are keeping up their good work, and it hasn’t affected them a lot. Services like EduMedia already rely on more in-depth studies than statistical sampling. Hence, Neilsen’s accreditation loss has almost no drastic effect on the ed advertisement market.

EduMedia uses more passive, global, and reliable sources to collect data for advertisement strategies.


Nielsen’s accreditation loss has come as a surprise to most people. However, it has not affected education advertisement marketing. Education marketing agency, EduMedia is a good example of an agency that has continued to provide services at zero compromises and produce results.

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