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How To Safeguard Your SEO Efforts Against Zero Click Searches

Google is hands down the most used search engine around the globe. The main purpose of googles search lies in quickly finding the information the user is looking for with as few clicks as possible. To achieve this purpose more efficiently, Google uses the topic under discussion known as “zero-click searches.” This article will go over what zero-click searches are? And how GreatLike a Web Design Company Orange County, can help you safeguard your blogs and websites and all the SEO efforts you have put into them.

What is a zero-click search?

First off, we will talk about what a zero-click search is. Normally when someone searches on google for anything, Google presents a list of websites based on their SEO scores that will provide an answer or the information the user searched for. Like,

A zero-click or no-click search is a search result by google that does not send you to a third-party website. For example, if a user searches for the temperature or a score of a football game, google will not present the list of websites that hold that information; rather, it will just present the correct factual results and save users’ time. Of course, users highly appreciate this feature, but there is a catch to this.

Now let’s talk about how Orange County Web Design can help you design your website in a secure way to Google’s zero-click searches because, according to some stats, only 35 percent of organic search results end up in clicks. Google, however, denies this and claims that websites are getting more traffic than ever.

GreatLike Digital Marketing Agency

Web Design Company Orange County, GreatLike is a digital marketing agency that helps you generate maximum revenue off of your website. It has a record-breaking 1,827% return on Ad Spend. Orange County web design, GreatLike makes sure to design your website to be prone to zero-click searches, but at the same time, it makes sure that it falls high on Google’s SEO spectrum.

 Orange County web design guides you through following steps and designs and optimize your website for you,

  1. Applying technical SEO
    1. Site structure
    2. Site loading speed
  • Structured data
  1. Owning the Featured Snippets
  2. Use Schema Markup

By signing up with Orange County web design, GreatLike you are guaranteed that your website’s optimization is handled by professionals, and it provides more revenue and safety against zero-click searches.

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