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How To Build A Strategy For Forex

To learn Forex trading, it is a very interesting yet amazing business and is definitely not for the fainthearted. In fact many would go as far and say that only a very select group of people are even capable of making consistent profit at all from the financial markets. Unfortunately for the rest of you out there, you fall into the 90/90/90 club which means that 90% of traders, lose 90% of the capital, within 90 days but then again if trading was that easy then everyone would be doing it. 

There are very few people who are able to fully commit and be available to actively learn forex and trade the forex markets, so this guide will be for those who have a full time job. It is common for people who are in full time work to take their trades when actually in work, lunch or at night. The issue with this kind of trading is that because the market is so fluid, being able to trade at random times throughout the day means that there are plenty of missed and wasted opportunities.

Technical vs Fundamental Analysis

Traders who use technical analysis as a tool to help them with their trading believe that past activity in the markets and price action are better indicators of an asset’s likely future price movement, as they believe that “history repeats itself”. Some traders believe that changes in price are not random, but that markets trend both in short term and long term, and traders can apply technical indicators to help make their decisions when entering and exiting certain trades. There are a plethora of different technical indicators that are available, as well as paid ones that have been developed by former traders or software companies.


Trading psychology is quite often forgotten or left out of a trading strategy because people simply don’t know how to factor it into their strategy. Your psychology and mindset is just as equally important as whether you trade fundamentals or technicals. The best forex trading training are those who leave emotion at the door and act like robots whilst they trade, because when it comes to trading there is absolutely no place for any emotion of any kind.

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