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How Large Is Lake Texoma, Really?

Lake Texoma is one of the most popular lakes in the United States of America. People visit Lake Texoma from all around North America. It has a very long shoreline as well. The location of Lake Texoma adds to its importance. It is situated in Texas and shares some parts of Oklahoma. Lake Texoma is the 2nd largest Lake in the USA in terms of shoreline.

Let’s take a detailed look at Lake Texoma’s size and significance. We also have some amazing Lake Texoma cabins for our readers who might want to explore and look at Lake Texoma’s size themselves.

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What Is the Exact Size of Lake Texoma?

Now let’s discuss what you are interested in. The size of Lake Texoma. Lake Texoma, in terms of surface area, is 93,000 acres. It is truly a wonder to stand by the shore of this Lake and look over this massive, stretching to the horizon and wide field of view, filled with nothing but water. It’s amazing and a huge size for a Lake.

Bear in mind that Lake Texoma once held the title of the largest man-made Lake.

Size Of Lake Texoma’s Shoreline

We can’t talk about the size of Lake Texoma and not discuss its shoreline. Lake Texoma has a shoreline of 580 miles or 933 kilometers. People from all over the country are attracted to Lake Texoma for its super long shoreline. People interested in boating find it as an absolute treat. Other activities such as paragliding and camping across the shoreline also become so much more fun when there is such an almost looking like never-ending shoreline in front of you.

How Much Water Can Lake Texoma Hold?

Lake Texoma is one of the largest lakes in the United States. It is the 12th largest US army corps of engineers’ lake. It is no surprise that it holds a huge amount of water. When talking numbers, Lake Texoma can hold 2,525,568 acre-ft of water volume. In simpler terms, that equals 756,993,907,779 gallons of water.

It is one of the best stops for fishing since you can imagine a variety of fish residing in this Lake, and it never freezes.


Lake Texoma is huge in terms of size. In case you want to look at it yourself, book your Lake Texoma cabins at Anglers Hideaway Cabins right now and pack your bags!

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