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Holiday Events Near Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma has been the tourist central in Texas for many years. We see a large number of tourists from all over America in Lake Texoma all year. However, in the holiday season, there is a record number of people at Lake Texoma.

Last year, the authorities at Lake Texoma estimated around a hundred thousand people who visited the Lake in the holiday season. We expect the numbers to go up this year. Since people have been staying home a lot, spending holidays at a beautiful location is exactly what everyone is looking for.

We will review the holiday events that visitors can enjoy at Lake Texoma. We will also suggest some Lake Texoma cabin rentals for our readers.

Lake Texoma Cabins – Anglers Hideaway Cabins

If you plan to spend a couple of days at Lake Texoma, you might consider camping. However, we always suggest our readers book a cabin if they plan on staying longer.

If you intend to spend the holiday season at Lake Texoma, you must book a cabin. A cabin provides a lot of facilities. Such as;

  • A comfortable bed
  • A place to store your stuff safely
  • A place to rest after a long day
  • Clean toilets

Staying in the open does sound fun, but the charm wears off quickly. Especially if you are planning to travel with family, definitely book a cabin.

Anglers Hideaway Cabins is our pick for Cabins Near Lake Texoma. You can book the cabins now before they are full near holidays.

Cabins are fully furnished and equipped with modern-day facilities like;

  • Satellite TV
  • Oven
  • Stove
  • Washer
  • Refrigerator
  • Phone

We suggest you browse and book a house right now.

Holiday Events

There are several holiday events at Lake Texoma. Many events take place in the small towns close by.

Gunter Holiday Market

The Gunter holiday event starts before Christmas celebrations begin. The market opens on December 7th. It is available from 9 am to 2 pm. Gunter holiday market is a nice and affordable place for everyone who wishes to buy some holiday-themed stuff for their loved ones.

People buy souvenirs from this market as well. You can buy some Christmas-themed clothes for children to wear at the Christmas parade too.

Sherman Christmas Parade

Sherman Christmas parade is one of the most anticipated parades at Lake Texoma. People from all around Texas come, especially for this parade. There are huge mannequins at this parade. There is often a band to cheer up the crowd. This is a very fun event if you plan to go with your family.

Charlie Brown Live

The Charlie Brown Christmas Live show begins on December 7th in Durant. It is a little far off from Lake Texoma. However, you will have a fun drive. We suggest you buy tickets online since the show is always fully sold out.


There are many holiday events at Lake Texoma for visitors. We assure you that you will not get bored. We suggest our readers book Lake Texoma cabins so they can fully enjoy the holiday season at the Lake.

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