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Fetii’s Vehicles Meet The Demand of Large Group Rides

When it comes to planning a hangout or a group gathering with your friends, you expect it to be a lot of fun. What we forget sometimes is how the whole group is going to all get to the destination they are trying to get to. Before Fetii, the solution for this was taking several vehicles to get to the same destination. Let’s play out a scenario here. So let’s say that you and your group totaled up to be 11 people altogether and you were planning on all hitting the same bar downtown. The average sized car fits about 5 people. If you have a larger car it can fit up to 6 or maybe even 7 people if you all squish in the back seat. However, you have 11 people in your group. What does that mean? That means that if you and your group were all planning on going out together, you guys would have to take at least 2 cars in order to all get to the same place. That means you’ll have to plan out who is going in which car aka separate the group up, spend double the gas, and possibly end up meeting up at different times due to traffic. You and your large group of friends shouldn’t have to struggle in figuring out a way to get to your desired destination. That’s where Fetii comes in.

Fetii believes that hanging out with friends should be simple and easy. Which is why Fetii made sure that it provided its users with large enough vehicles to be able to accommodate large group sizes. Fetii offers 3 different sizes of vehicles. The first Fetii vehicle is called the Fetii van. The Fetii van is the smallest vehicle and can fit up to 15 passengers. The second vehicle is called the Fetii bus. The Fetii bus is the second biggest vehicle and can fit up to 30 passengers. The largest vehicle that Fetii offers is called the Fetii premium. The Fetii premium can fit up to 50 passengers. So regardless of how many friends you want to bring along with you, Fetii is sure to have a vehicle that can fit all of you! To learn more about Fetii and its services, visit their website for more information. The Fetii app is also available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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