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Fetii Has Changed Transportation For Large Groups

Fetii has made a name for itself by changing how groups can get from one destination to the other. Before Fetii, large groups did not have as many options to get to their desired destination while all staying together as a large group. The average car fits about 5 people this means that if your group is larger than that number, several vehicles have to be taken in order to accomodate the group size. Fetii has met the demand of large groups by providing on-demand transportation for these larger groups that can’t fit in a normal vehicle.

Fetii has become one of the most well-known on demand apps among large groups of individuals. There are other on-demand transportation companies that provide transportation through an app, however Fetii has stood out amongst them. Unlike these other transportation apps, Fetii meets the demand for large groups to be able to ride together. This is something that the other transportation apps cannot provide to their users. Many of these other transportation apps, their largest vehicles can fit up to 6 passengers. That is only one more passenger that can be fit inside the vehicle as compared to the average car. Fetii provides their app users with much more space than that.

Unlike other companies, Fetii vehicles can fit more than 6 passengers. Within the Fetii app, users can select which type of Fetii vehicle they would like to book based on the number of people they wish to bring along for the group ride. There are three vehicles that people can choose from. The Fetii van can fit up to 14 passengers. The Fetii bus can fit up to 30 passengers. The largest vehicle being the Fetii premium can fit up to 50 passengers. With the ability of being able to fit more passengers in the vehicles, groups no longer have to limit themselves as to who they wish to bring along. Fetii users can book the Fetii vehicles to take them wherever they want.

Fetii is a free app that is available for people to download on the App Store and Google Play. As Fetii continues to grow and become a more popular group transportation method, Fetii vehicles are continuing to be spotted throughout the world. To learn more about what Fetii has to offer and its plans for the future, visit the Fetii website for more information.

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