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Start Shaping Your Future at Interior Designers Institute

At Interior Designers Institute also known as IDI we encourage students to start designing their career with us. As one of the top Interior Design Schools in California, we are determined to see our students succeed. Many of our previous graduates are one of the most successful and well-known designers in the country. Our goal is to help our design students to reach their career goals and have a successful future. We offer our design students a variety of different programs and a creative environment for students of all levels. 

The Interior Designers Institute is a boutique college that has set a standard of excellence to provide to both its current students and prospective students. All of the professors at this boutique college consist of individuals who have experience in the design industry. Our student-focused faculty are there to guide our students through every step of the way. We have a variety of different programs for our students who want to study interior design and interior architecture study. There is a Certificate Course Program, an Associate of Arts Degree in Interior Design, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design, and the Master of Interior Architecture program. 

Regardless of the program a student wishes to pursue, the individual attention that will be given to each student remains the same. At IDI, our class sizes remain small. The average classroom has about 15 students. This small classroom size allows for each student to receive individual attention from the professor in this setting of creative learning. Besides being able to give our students individualized attention, we also pride ourselves in being able to offer flexible class schedules. We understand that many if not all of our students have full-time jobs that they need in order to be able to financially support themselves. Instead of holding students back and making their lives more difficult, we want to offer them some flexibility. At our college, we offer both day and evening classes to allow our students to still be able to work their jobs and attend school. We want to provide our students with plenty of opportunities for them to be able to succeed and start shaping their future.

At IDI, our goal is to see every single student succeed. This is one of the reasons why we are considered one of the best Interior Design Schools in California. To learn more about what our school has to offer, visit our website for more information.

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