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Become an Interior Designer at Interior Designers Institute

At Interior Designers Institute, we turn people’s career dreams into a reality. Interior Designers Institute also known as IDI, is a boutique college that can provide its students with an education in interior design and interior architecture. Individuals turn to IDI because it is known as one of the best Interior Design Schools in California. IDI provides their design students with four programs of study to choose from. The four programs of interior design and interior architecture includes the Certificate Course, Associate of Arts Degree in Interior Design, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design, and Master of Interior Architecture. No matter which of the four programs you choose to enroll into, IDI’s student focused faculty will be there to help every step of the way.

Regardless of the program that students choose to participate at IDI, students will receive the same individualized special attention. Class sizes at IDI are relatively small compared to the large lecture halls at other universities. The average class size is 15 students. The studio rooms set themselves to have a maximum of 22 students and the lecture classrooms to have a maximum of 49 students. All of the faculty at IDI have experience in the design industry. They are determined to help each and every student succeed and reach their goals. Besides being able to provide their students with specialized attention, IDI also has been able to provide their students with class flexibility. IDI understands that many if not most of their students have to work full-time in order to pay for food, housing, school, and personal items. In order to remove added stress from their students’ lives, they offer both daytime and afternoon classes to provide their students with flexibility. This will allow for students work lives to not conflict with progressing with their school and career goals. Not many schools provide this much flexibility for their students, but IDI wants all their students to succeed. 

IDI is determined for every single one of their students to succeed and have a career in interior design. If you want a career in interior design, look no further IDI is the place to be. To learn more about what Interior Designers Institute (IDI) has to offer and why they are one of the best Interior Design Schools in California, visit their website for more information. Don’t hesitate, pursue your dreams of interior design today!

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