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Answering Top Questions About Contact Strategies for Higher Education Prospects

When talking about higher education marketing companies, we can’t ignore the importance of contact strategies. Contact is the key when we are considering educational marketing. We have had a lot of users who are starting their organization, and they are confused about contact-related strategies.

Here, we are answering the most asked questions of our users.

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Contact Strategies – What and Why?

Contact strategies refer to your organization’s handling of clients and potential customers. These strategies are extremely important as they decide how to stay in touch with your audience.

Here are most asked questions and their answers,

1) What’s The Best Time to Contact Prospective Students Without Looking Needy?

If a student leaves a query on your website, many organizations worry that calling back ASAP will look pushy. This concern is valid. Education marketing companies suggest that you must find the optimal calling back time that suits your brand.

A new brand with fewer customers is expected to call back instantly. However, a settled, established, and premium brand should take a while to call back; this calling back interval should stay consistent.

2) Should I Change My Contact Strategy?

Yes, it is good to keep evolving. Even if your strategy Is yielding good results, a new strategy might yield better results. Hence, stay in touch with your education marketing company and constantly review your strategies.

3) How Can I Measure the Success of My Contact Strategy?

Contact strategy can be measured based on two things:

i)First contact rate: It refers to the number of students contacting you based on your contact strategy.

ii)Response rate: This means the responsiveness of your audience in terms of enrollment.

4) Are AI Bots a Good Idea for Contact Strategies?

AI bots are good for engaging in first contact with your customers. However, they are not smart enough to handle the communication completely.


Education marketing services are continuously evolving. Hence, we suggest that you stay in touch with your education marketing company and keep evolving your contact strategies to ensure better results.

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