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All You Need to Know About Using TikTok for School Marketing

Schools are facing tough times. Enrollment numbers are getting lower for educational organizations. In 2022, we can expect the competition to increase even more. Due to the coronavirus restrictions and school closing worldwide, educational institutions still haven’t stabilized. Moreover, in the post-pandemic environment, educational marketing is very tricky. Almost all organizations are promoting on the same platforms.

In this article, we will talk about TikTok’s marketing strategies. We will look over some successful examples. Additionally, we will suggest a Higher Education Marketing Agency to our readers.

Higher Educational Marketing Agency – HEM

If you own an educational organization in 2022, you must rely on an education marketing agency for your promotions. HEM is a high-standard higher education marketing agency that offers great services at very low prices. If you want to increase your marketing and enrollment numbers, you should check out HEM. You can discuss your goals with their experts and devise a strategy that suits your organization.

TikTok Marketing

Educational organizations have been using similar platforms for marketing for decades. For example, using print media such as newspapers and magazines to promote educational organizations has been ongoing for many years. Similarly, electronic media like TV is also a part of educational promotion for several decades. The internet has changed things; now, different platforms allow organizations to do more targeted and beneficial campaigns. However, people haven’t thought about using TikTok for educational marketing. The reason behind this could be the app’s unique design and function. People scroll through small videos. Let’s see some major benefits and examples of successful TikTok marketing.

1. Better Reach

YouTube and Instagram are great platforms to promote your educational organization. However, most teenage population uses TikTok more than other social media platforms. Thus, you can reach more potential clients through TikTok marketing.

2. Influencers

There are a lot of young influencers on TikTok who do pay promotions. Hiring a popular influencer and asking them to advertise your organization would do wonders for your school if you could hire them.


TikTok is a great platform for marketing educational organizations. You should contact a higher education marketing agency, HEM, to make a marketing plan for your organization.

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