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About The Founders of Pyro Equity

Pyro Equity is a private equity firm based in California that is also responsible for the group ride hailing service Fetii. Pyro Equity was founded by entrepreneurs Matthew Iommi and Justin Rath who combined their entrepreneurial skills and their knowledge of the transportation industry to form their newest venture Fetii

Matthew Iommi and Justin Rath

Iommi and Rath became friends when they met in high school. They parted ways for a few years after high school while Rath began building businesses and Iommi acquired a degree from Texas A&M and built an investment portfolio. Later, when they got back in touch they realized how much their similar interests and skill sets aligned. They began to put their entrepreneurial heads together to map out business ideas, break down the economics, and discuss the future of what would eventually become Pyro Equity.

It Started with an Idea

Iommi and Rath’s brainchild was born of their combined expertise in business and finance, and their passion for taking the kernel of an idea and cultivating it into something greater. Iommi and Rath both struggled with the idea of working for someone else’s company because they would constantly think of more efficient and effective ways to run that business. During the first decade after graduating from university, the pair attained knowledge throughout their entrepreneurial and financial careers to succeed in the private equity industry and to share their passion with their clients. Harnessing their first-hand knowledge in digital marketing, business infrastructure, and controlled growth, they decided to create Pyro Equity, a private equity firm where they could invest in small companies and use their resources to grow those companies into bigger, more successful enterprises.

Building Pyro Equity

Using their profits from businesses and investments, Iommi and Rath began to build Pyro Equity. To create the perfect development team they recruited some of the best minds they knew overseas as well as domestically. They found experts in both web and app development to focus on user-friendly interfaces. In addition, they acquired an elite group of managers to help the businesses in their portfolio to hire, manage, and scale operations. Later, they purchased GreatLike Media, a California-based digital marketing firm, to manage marketing and development for the businesses in their portfolio.

Pyro Equity today

Pyro Equity is flourishing, continuing to expand with additions to development, marketing, and management teams. The company has begun to build greater exposure in Texas with operations in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and College Station. Pyro Equity’s primary focus continues to be investing in small businesses, helping them to grow and to reach their potential. After buying several businesses outright, including two transportation companies in College Station, Texas, the team members are now scaling the investments in their portfolio, increasing revenue, and building better infrastructure in these businesses.


During the course of Pyro Equity’s evolution, Iommi and Rath bought two transportation companies and merged them to create what is known as fetii. An on-demand group transportation and ride-sharing service complete with a user-friendly app, Fetii has been called the “uber of group transportation.” When Iommi and Rath spotted a demand that Uber and Lyft were unable to satisfy, they crafted the new company to serve an untapped market. Fetii vehicles can transport up to 30 people, and the fetii app allows users to select the perfect sized vehicle for their party. During fetii’s creation, Iommi and Rath harnessed the tools of Pyro for web and app development of the new company, to create the infrastructure, and to handle the marketing of the fetii app.

Fetii has been talked about in media outlets since its creation, and more and more investors have taken notice of the unique ridesharing and group transportation app. To date, fetii attracted thousands of customers and investors alike. The company is beginning to expand its reach in the Texas area and will soon expand nationwide.

Where is Pyro Equity today?

Pyro Equity is on its way to becoming one of the most successful private equity firms of our generation. With the knowledge that Iommi and Rath bring as entrepreneurs, thinkers, and businessmen, and with the tools that the firm has to build and grow companies, Pyro Equity is prepared for huge success. Pyro Equity will begin to look for investors and other firms to invest in fetii as it continues to grow.

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