5 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Your Brands Online Footprint

Nowadays, businesses of all sizes are using online marketing but may not have the right content and material that draws a steady stream of users and customers. Whether you are an institution, a small beauty company, a clothing brand, or an organic produce distributor, the goal is to always generate more referrals and new clients by optimizing your online presence. Since this is such an important area of discussion, especially in a digital age like ours, we wanted to take away the scary and mysterious factors that comes with online marketing.

Although improving your company’s online presence doesn’t happen overnight, it is essential for the long-term growth of your business because it allows people to find you, engage with you, and get to know you and your brand. Our school marketing agency experts at eduMedia want to share the 5 best practices that will put your brand on the map and create meaningful engagement with your target markets.


Make sure that your company has a mobile friendly website. I say this because of the fact that many web searches are now being done from a mobile device rather than a laptop, computer, or desktop. As of 2016, mobile searches exceeded those performed from a desktop, and this number just keeps on growing. Visually appealing websites just don’t cut it anymore.

Google is even stepping up as a company and has expanded its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Now, you can check your website by testing your pages with the mobile-friendly test tool. This new tool shows how Google Search sees your pages, and you can even get a list of mobile usability issues across your different sites.


Already shown by this article, the next digital marketing tip to increase your brand’s web footprint is by incorporating a blog that you update frequently and consistently.

Content is key. While you may be intimidated by the idea of blogging, it is the best way to stay in communication with your prospects and customers. The blogs don’t have to be exclusively on one topic, it can range, and can even be creative and fun sometimes.

When a person sees that a company’s web page is actively putting out content consistently, whether it be pictures, galleries, blogs, pop-up shows, etc., that one person is already more likely to come back to your page. Blogging is the cornerstone of your online presence and it can be easily shared and spread, therefore reaching a much wider audience than you could ever reach by doing traditional selling.

Using a blog allows you to convey your brand personality and brand morals with a unique voice. Always remember to write in a conversational tone that humanizes your brand, because that will make your brand more real and relatable. Additionally, blogs improve search engine rankings via keyword-rich content, fresh content, and additional indexed pages. They ultimately serve as a 24/7 communication platform where you can quickly public favorable content about your company.


Become fluent in social media. To have a successful website or blog, you must learn to be an active social media user. Social media can be a highly effective way to improve your visibility and reach new customers because of the large number of people that use it.

You get out what you put it. The benefits of social networking come to those who interact not just with the platforms but with other participants; it is essential to create as many interactions as possible– both with your followers and prospects. In order to gain followers and have good conversations/engagements, you have to post new and interesting content on a consistent basis. While posting useful articles and offering insights on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube can be helpful, you should also respond, like, or react to all comments on your post.

Social media is not just about visibility, it’s about accessibility. Always remember that accessibility builds trust and credibility.


Email marketing and guest posts. These two methods of building an online presence are always solid, and never let us down.

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

Guest posting means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog. This exists so that writers can share their insights and thoughts to another audience that they may be interested in.

Email marketing remains an effective way of acquiring customers, more effective than social media. An email marketing campaign should be best created by segmenting your target lists, creating customized messages, and sending the emails at the right moment. After all of this, it is important to analyze data to know which tactics are working and which ones are not.

Guest blogging when done for branding purposes will usually help you gain targeted exposure and earn credibility. Getting the chance to be a guest writer for a well-known website or blog, is a great opportunity because that sight will likely have more followers than yours– essentially, it can earn you some new customers. If you’re guest writing for Forbes and its viewers enjoy what you’ve written, they are more likely to visit your website and follow your socials.


Speed up brand awareness with pay per click advertising (PPC). PPC doesn’t just attract traffic to your website, it can also help you build your brand image, if you bid on the right words.

Remember to only bid on primary keywords and branded terms. Even if the cost per click is on the higher side, you have to bid on words that make the most sense to your brand. Optimizing your ad copy regularly and getting a good quality score will eventually bring down the CPC. Do not ignore branded terms or closely related keywords. If necessary, use a keyword research tool to check if you are missing out on any opportunities.

Another tip is to rank for competition. While you can be penalized for using a competitor’s name in your ad copy, you can definitely bid for their brands in your campaigns. You want to do this because your ads will be seen every time a user searches for your competition. If your ads are better than theirs, you can easily win over that person that was actively searching for your competitor.

Now that you have some more knowledge about digital marketing, what will you do this year to increase your brand’s web footprint? What will you NOT do? Comment below! Also, feel free to contact our school marketing agency experts at eduMedia for more helpful tips! 


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