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4 School Website Design Trends in 2019

Each year there seems to always be new and upcoming trends, especially when it comes to technology. Technology seems to never slow down and we all need to be sure to keep up with these new changes and trends. Students and parents more than ever heavily rely on the internet to obtain the latest information regarding school and education. This is why it’s crucial for your school to be up-to-date with the latest website design trends of 2019. eduMEDIA, our school website design company, wants to share the 4 school website design trends that are currently trending right now.


Trend #1: Integrated Social Media

Integrating your school’s social media platforms accordingly with your school’s website content, can increase the amount of engagement your school is receiving both on social media and on your website. School’s are using different tools such as Hootsuite to manage their social media content. With Hootsuite, schools can schedule posts in advance that they wish to include on their social media platforms. This allows schools to become better organized with the content they plan to post on their social media. Having the content that is being posted on their social media platforms align with the content that is being presented on their website, will increase the online presence of the school. This will push for a larger following, engaged followers, and outreach of potential students.


Trend #2: Live Chat

Many school websites are choosing to include live chats on their websites. This presents users on your website, the opportunity to be able to speak to a representative from your school. The live chat representative will be used for answering questions the user might have in regards to your school. The availability of live chat allows users to have easy access to a representative to speak to from your school without having to wait to hear back for a response. Live chat is the preferred method of users as opposed to emails. J.D. Power discovered that over 42% of users prefer to use live chat than the 23% of users that preferred emails as the form of communication.   


Trend #3: Multi-Language Website

Language barriers are often common. Your school can avoid these language barriers by using language translation services. In the U.S. the most popular language spoken is English. The second most popular language in the U.S. is Spanish followed by Chinese. If school websites use language translation services catered to the top 3 popular languages in the U.S. it can expand the numbers of users that are being reached. Not all parents can speak or even read English. This is a conflict when they are looking for a school to enroll their students in. Having a multi-language website can expand your school’s cultural diversity and can reach a much larger audience.


Trend #4: Blogs

Blogs are currently on the trend when it comes to including them on your school website. Blogs are a great way to get your school noticed. The blogs keep your students, parents, and teachers up-to-date with the information that is provided within your blogs. Blogs are also very resourceful when it comes to ranking higher in SEO.


These are the top 4 school website design trends in 2019 so far. There are sure to be many more trends arising as time goes by. Our school website design company experts at eduMEDIA hope this has provided your school with some useful insight. Feel free to contact our professionals or visit our website for ways to improve your school’s website!


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